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  1. 4 minutes ago, tts42572 said:

    I'm not sure really even what they can do to improve.  Mostly just stop wasting good songs on other projects. 

    I think that's a really good point and one you and a few others had mentioned recently regarding Erik having too many projects going on at once.  Not only might he be using some good song ideas for other bands, but some of the melodies and song structures that sounded great started sounding too similar to prior material and losing some of the appeal they had before when the ideas were fresh.  I recall a similar situation with Desmond Child during the late eighties.  He co-wrote and a produced a lot of great material for a lot of different artists. But after awhile the well started to run a bit dry.  Some of those melodies and lyric/song ideas that I thought were great a few years prior were being recycled and just didn't grab me as much.

  2. I used to go through phases of only playing a particular album when I was younger.  I would say between 1983 and 1987 I spent most of the money I made from cutting lawns and working part time jobs on a stereo system, concert tickets and buying albums.  So every time I would get a new album that was often all I listened to for weeks.  The ones I recall playing the most during that era were by Dokken , Ratt, Motley Crue and Def Leppard.  I think my neighbors probably knew the words to every song on Hysteria by the end of the summer of '87 as it would often be blasting from my bedroom windows while I was playing basketball with my friends in my driveway.

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  3. There She Goes and Into the Night ended up being the only keepers for me.  I probably would have liked the album more with a different singer as most tracks had catchy melodies and sounded good musically.  The singer just didn't seem to be a good fit.  He reminded me more of a musical theater performer rather than someone fronting a melodic rock band.  With that said, if you don't mind his vocal delivery in the promo videos, then you may find this to be an enjoyable album, as I believe the band does have potential.

  4. I gave this a spin today as well and I think it's a good album.  I'd agree, not as strong as their best releases, but still a nice addition to their discography.  Production, style and song quality are what you'd expect from a Pretty Maids album.  My initial favorites would be Shadowlands, Black Thunder, and Will You Still Kiss Me.

  5. 22 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

    This sure isn't the same Shark Island as the excellent "Law Of The Order".


    yeah, by no means is the new material at the same level of quality as their debut, but outside of this latest one, 7 Tears, which didn't do much for me, I had thought the other promo tracks sounded OK

  6. Not bad, Dino sounds great.   I was a huge fan of Lynch/Dokken in the 80's.   I'm interested to hear more and hopefully they have a few uptempo tracks with a bigger chorus/hook.  Mid-tempo songs have become more of the norm these days for George rather than a few included as change of pace tracks.  I'm always waiting for him to go full throttle. Maybe he's just mellowed more with age

  7. I gave this a spin today and I'm somewhere in between the above comments.  Is this as good as the early Jaded Heart albums, imo no, is it better than most of Bormann's solo releases and the JH releases after Sinister Mind, imo, yes.  I agree that the album could have been better if the songs were more guitar driven.  But I found that several tracks have hooks and melodies that reminded me of those older Jaded Heart albums which was what I was hoping for.  Initially, my favorites are Won't Surrender, Just One More Step Away, Feels Like I'm Living, I'm a Son of a Gun, and Bring Me Higher Love.  If you are a fan of early JH, or Bormann in general, I believe it is worth checking out.

  8. Sad news, but not completely unexpected with recent reports of him not performing live.  I know he takes a lot of criticism for trying to keep QR going, but I give him credit for staying with what he is passionate about.  Glad to hear he is feeling better and I wish him the best of luck as he continues to battle this horrible disease.

  9. If we're talking Christian Rock/Metal bands only, it's a tough call, but these 10 albums are some of my faves

    • Joshua - Intense Defense
    • King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
    • Mastedon - It's A Jungle Out There
    • Stryper - Against the Law
    • Holy Soldier - S/T
    • Rage of Angels - S/T
    • Angelica - Walkin' In Faith
    • The Brave - Battle Cries
    • Rob Rock - Rage of Creation
    • Sacred Warrior - Wicked Generation
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  10. For those who are casual fans of the band or haven’t really gotten into their prior releases there won’t be much here to win you over.  I’m a big fan of these guys and I am ok with them recycling some riffs and lyrical subject matter.  They’ve set a high standard though, and this just doesn’t stack up when I listen back to back with their other albums.  Nothing has me wanting to hit the repeat button.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the songs are solid and it is better than a lot of releases from other artists this year, but that doesn’t make it a good album.   I just don’t see me ever reaching for this album when I’m in the mood to listen to Eclipse. 

  11. On 10/3/2019 at 6:37 PM, Captain Howdy said:

    Got the album today, and while I certainly would not call it on par with Wazbones, it certainly has that kinda feel about it rather than Bezerk or similar.

    Much more modern and dark, but with some fantastic guitar work.

    A couple of songs I was not sure about on first spin, but get the feeling that they might need a few more spins before they hook in.

    Overall I am sure this album wont appeal to everyone here, but if you liked Wazbones you should at least give it a try. (hell, Cy and Andy are also part of the band, so its actually the whole line up from Wazbones minus Pepsi Tate).

    I think you did a good job describing this, some tracks remind of Wazbones, just not as melodic, unfortunately only a few tracks clicked for me after the first spin, but I'll give it another listen to see if it grows on me

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