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  1. 1. Blackfoot - .38 Special had more radio hits, but I'll go with Rick Medlocke and the boys for their string of solid releases

    2. Warlock - I'm a fan of Heart, but I've always preferred their 70's material

    3. Journey - I really like several of those other choices, but when it comes to pure 80's AOR Journey was on another level

    4. Stryper

    5. Alice Cooper - similar to Glen, I was surprised by some omissions, but maybe they will be choices in Part 2 of the poll?

    6. Ratt - this one was tough, those first two L.A. Guns albums were great, and I consider Appetite the ultimate sleaze album, but imo Ratt was so consistently good throughout the decade I had to give them a slight edge over those other two bands

    7. Rush - this was another tough one for me, as I'm a fan of all 4 bands, but "Permanent Waves" and "Moving Pictures" are the albums that got me into prog rock, so they are a sentimental favorite

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    I haven't read up on what transpired with the guys, but it appears there are two versions of Rough Cutt now(?)  And they released versions of the same song ("Bed of Black Roses" aka "Black Rose").  This version features three members of the original line-up, Paul, Amir and Matt.  They are releasing the new album "III" exclusively through the DDR Music Group.  While the other version features Chris and Dave, also from the original line-up.





    You wanted the real ROUGH CUTT featuring Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne, you got them! We'll even through in a special guest appearance by legendary Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo shredding solos on three new tracks. The DDR Music Group and the three main men of ROUGH CUTT are proud to bring you their brand new album “III”.

    A fitting title for the first album of new material released by the band since 1986. The guys have been hard at work crafting the killer new tracks “Electric”, “Bed Of Black Roses”, “Dive”, “Don’t Say A Word”, “Bleed”, “Secrets” and “Chasing Dreams” - and can we just say Paul sounds great! We’ve also included three very rare and hard to find tracks “Prowler”, “Peyote” and “House Of Pain”.

    Many false accusations and lies have been made public about arguably the three most important members of ROUGH CUTT and all of them are completely fabricated non sense. To release anything under the moniker of ROUGH CUTT without Paul, Amir and Matt is nothing short of unprofessional and disrespectful to the members and especially to the fans. Simply put, No Paul, no Rough Cutt! Without saying a single word this album proves the 3 original members as well as the band ROUGH CUTT are alive and kickin’ ass as seriously as they did in the mid eighties. “III” marks the real and indisputable return of the band, crank it up loud and proud, it’s the only way Paul, Amir and Matt would want it. Now let’s get this party started!!


    This album is a brand new release, crafted in Los Angeles, California, mixed by Matt Thorne & mastered by Lance V. It comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics. This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne and is exclusively available from the DDR Music Group. Get your copy today!

    This album is available as a full album download through Bandcamp.




  3. It's been a good start to the year for new music.  My picks are pretty similar to the rest of you.  I'd probably put Ronnie Atkins, W.E.T. and Chez Kane at the top.  But I enjoyed the new albums from Temple Balls, Wig Wam, Maverick and Creye as well.

  4. 7 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

    I stopped paying attention after my last post, but holy shit, how are we not talking about "Don't Back Down"?? Not only is it a good song, but it's a fucking awesome music video. The kid has a sense of humour. Haha. 

    Yeah, the songs themselves aren't my cup of tea, but that is a great video.

  5. Good band, I'd agree with Leykis, their albums are all pretty similar in style, solid, driving hard rock/metal.  But everything seemed to come together for the guys on Killing With Style, from the songwriting to the production, it's my favorite release by them as well.

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  6. 15 hours ago, tts42572 said:

    Maverick had a listening party on You Tube today and played the entire new album along with plenty of tidbits.  This is pretty long but can skip through to the songs if you'd like to check it out.  Not sure if they'll leave this up or take it down.

    Sounding damn good to me.  It probably follows along with their last album in terms of being a bit heavier.

    Lots of good tunes but think my early favorite is probably Never.  That one starts at the 1:19:40 mark in the video.


    sounding like this one will top their last album for me, thanks for sharing

  7. I agree, St. James sounds pretty good.  The song isn't bad by any means but a little lackluster as a single to showcase a new era of the band.  The chorus reminds me a little of something Paul Stanley might have recorded during the mid-80s. 

  8. Sounds pretty good to me, thanks for sharing, I've not heard of them before.  The write up does a pretty good job of describing their sound too.  AC/DC with some southern rock swagger.  And a little G & R influence noticeable during parts of the track "Sucker Punch", which is probably my favorite of those three songs.

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  9. On 2/27/2021 at 12:38 PM, AlphaMale said:

    How does that sound like classic Dokken?

    Pretty weak song. I'll pass.

    I think musically, that first track isn't too far off from Dokken's sound.  One of George's best solos in awhile too.   I do agree though the song as a whole isn't up to par with those classic albums.  It lacks the melody and memorable chorus.  

  10. 54 minutes ago, nyoilers said:

    What Biden did in 60 days is get out 100 million vaccine shots.Maybe it means nothing to you but at least there was a plan.Not the let's wing it and leave it up to the states.If the states do a great job take credit and if they do a shitty job then blame them.

    I'm curious to know what is different about the Biden administration's "plan" compared to that of the Trump administration with regards to distributing the vaccine?  The only difference I've heard about was that the feds established some sites in which FEMA and the National Guard are managing directly and have provided aide and staffing to some community run locations to help reach those in underserved areas.  But those sites still coordinate with the states and the doses still get allocated to the states first.  The majority of vaccines are sent out by the federal government to the states who in turn send to the local health departments, just like when this started in December.  And of course the Trump administration's actions helped reduce the red tape and provide funding to the pharmaceutical companies for the development and initial production costs.  Those actions helped pave the way for having vaccines available much faster than most experts believed was possible.  The Trump administration made the agreements to purchase the vaccines that have been distributed to the U.S. citizens so far.  And made arrangements with national pharmacy chains to help the state and local governments with getting the shots into arms, including at long term care facilities.  Meanwhile last summer President Biden, along with Vice-President Harris and others helped create some of the public skepticism and feed conspiracy theories about the safety of the vaccines making it political and telling the public we may not be able to trust the safety of the vaccine simply because Trump was involved.  I'm far from a fan of Trump, and I don't have any objection to people claiming the current administration helped build on what the prior administration started, but all this nonsense from the Biden administration, the mainstream media and many on the left claiming the Biden administration deserves all this credit for the vaccination distribution program in the U.S. is preposterous, in my opinion.  

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Darkstone said:

    I thought it might be an error also. Although, I see prices like that all the time on the main site homepage. 

    Even if this particular case was an error, those prices do exist. Crazy shit.

    yeah, I've read/heard of some pretty outrageous sale prices for hard to find indie releases, it is crazy, I'm a collector myself and prefer to have physical copies, early versions, in good condition and all that but I don't recall ever spending more than about $40 on a cd, if it's that rare and expensive I'm more than happy to have it on cd-r and print up artwork myself

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  12. 2 hours ago, Darkstone said:

    Shane Martin from DDR posts here occasionally. I would love to know if these sort of prices are paid regularly. 


    I'm sure that price is an error/glitch.  I shop DDR's site at least once a month and I thought I've seen that title listed for 19.99 not long ago.  So it would be interesting to hear from Shane to clarify things.  That would be beyond crazy if it is the correct asking price, lol.  As was mentioned, even if brand new/sealed condition I'd have to believe the original wouldn't go for much more than $50

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  13. 1 hour ago, Dead Planet said:

    What's wrong with racial equality? What is wrong with trying to fight climate change? 

    Equality is a good thing, everyone should be treated the same and be allowed the same opportunities, regardless of their race, gender, religious beliefs, etc..  But equity and how it is defined, and by whom, can become a slippery slope.  

    Nothing is wrong with the idea of fighting climate change.  I'm all for keeping the environment clean and striving for improvements in renewable energy.  But I also believe a balanced approach is important until we can truly evaluate the benefits of the various policies.  Is it wise for a country with a large amount of debt to invest tons of money in programs or technology for which we don't yet know the short or long term effects?  And with the economy the way it is currently, should we be eliminating or reducing some jobs with the hope of potential, future positions?  

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