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  1. New York Hard Rock/Metal band Hittman are scheduled to release Destroy All Humans via No Remorse Records, their first album in 27 years



    HITTMAN - Destroy All Humans CD | No Remorse Records



    1. Destroy All Humans

    2. Breathe

    3. The Ledge

    4. Code of Honour

    5. Total Amnesia

    6. 1000 Souls

    7. Out in the Cold

    8. Love, 'The Assassin'


    Dirk Kennedy: Vocals, keyboards

    Jim Bacchi: Guitars, keyboards, background vox

    John Kristen: Guitars

    Greg Bier: Bass Guitar

    Jai 'Es: Drums on "Destroy All Humans", "Breathe" & "Total Amnesia"

    Joe Fugazi: All other drums




  2. Their last album Apex was pretty good.  I've heard a few songs from the new release, of which "Legacy" and the title track stood out the most.  I haven't gotten around to listening to the full album yet, but looking forward to checking it out.

  3. 2 hours ago, The Rocker said:

    Really good album, a step up from the debut for me. "What About Love" IS AOR/Melodic Rock at it's finest, (Journey/The Storm/Survivor in one)

    I agree, this is a step up from the debut to me as well.  The Survivor comparisons that were mentioned is a good description of what's on display here.   A bit safe at times, but between the great vocals and strong songwriting it should appeal to most fans of traditional AOR/Melodic Rock.  My initial favorites are "What About Love", "Better Walk Alone", and "Give A Little Lovin".

  4. 9 hours ago, lettard said:

    Really enjoying this album,fav track is "Last Of An Undying Kind",they wear their influences on the sleeve as you can hear on "Here Today Gone Tomorrow"...it just screams Motley Crue,the production on this whole cd is great and they sound very good both musically and vocally,could prove to be my favourite full length by them over time...which is currently held by "Devil On My Shoulders."

    I enjoyed this album as well.  I've thought most of their prior releases were pretty good but after two spins this is probably my favorite from the band.   The lyrics might not appeal to everyone.  Kind of a horror/fantasy comic book theme running throughout.  But I found it to work well with the overall sound and it made for a really cool vibe throughout.  I picked up the same Crue influence on "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow".  My initial favorites are "Tokyo Lights" and "Last of An Undying Kind" but even the tracks that didn't entirely grab me (Nostalgia and Mr. Grouch) had segments that I liked.  I can see this one making my top 10 for the year.  

  5. I think teams use the lateral pass less often in the NFL for two reasons.  First, they want the ball in the hands of their best players and would prefer everyone else be utilized as a blocker, to keep the other team away from that player.  And secondly, because of the risk of fumbling/dropping the ball and turning it over to the opposing team.   

  6. 8 hours ago, Glen said:

    so what actually happened in this accident. cannot find any detail online? it's strange that someone so famous suffered such a serious accident but nothing was reported.

    yeah, I thought the same about the lack of info being reported on the accident, especially with the injuries he sustained from it apparently being what eventually led to his death, I had looked to a few other online stories and none of them touched on it, odd

  7. On 8/13/2020 at 2:22 PM, AlphaMale said:

    MelodicRock.com....... The content just started to be non-existent. Especially the reviews....... sometimes years before an update. And the constant design changes. Now it's down to a twitter feed. I hate Twitter and tweeting. 

    SleazeRoxx....... When Skid left, I just totally lost interest. I do check out their reviews from time to time.

    Along with HH, those two were some of my go to sites years ago when it came to getting info on bands, trading, and downloading rare songs/albums. I still go to them but not as often.  But like with many sites costs and time involved to manage makes it hard to sustain long term.  Glorydazemusic was another site I frequented but haven't in awhile.  I also used to check out a site called heavymetalrarities.com for downloads of rare songs/albums, but there were fewer and fewer people sharing content as time went on.

    I would check out sites like ioffer and sell.com to buy bootleg concert videos or recorded Headbangers Ball episodes.  But now you can find alot of that sort of thing free on YT.

    And being an avid fantasy football participant for many years I used to check out a variety of sites, like Rotoworld, for insight on drafting and adding players during the season.  But now most of those sites charge for any real information or all carry the same player news with minimal quality insight.

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  8. 1 hour ago, tts42572 said:

    They must've done some joggling of the order of this release somewhere late in the process between when maybe promo copies were sent out and CD's were pressed.  I've got a digital download that has a completely different order than my actual CD.

    The running order on my digital download has Breakout, Free My Mind, Friends, Give Me all Your Love, Lift Me Up, Lost, Love Of My Life, The One, Madeline, Night After Night, Take Me To Your Heart.

    And my CD has Love Of My Life, Lost, Friends, Night After Night, Free My Mind, Give Me All Your Love, Lift Me Up, The One, Breakout, Madeline, Take Me To Your Heart.

    At the end of the day, I guess it doesn't matter much.  Either way, digging the CD :guitbannana:

    That is odd that they have the two different track orders.  The digital download version is how it is set up on Spotify.  I prefer the order of the digital download, but as you said, really good album either way.  And nowadays most people will just add their favorite tracks to playlists in a random order anyway.

  9. This is a nice debut, and something the band can hopefully build on.  They seem to have all the pieces in place, but at times the songs sound a bit generic, borrowing a bit too heavily from other artists.  I listened to this on Spotify which seems to have a different track order than I've seen elsewhere.  The opener 'Breakout', which sounds a bit like a Talisman b-side, and 'Madeleine' are probably the only tracks that failed to grab me. Tracks 2 thru 4 are all solid.  But things really pick up in the middle, starting with 'Lift Me Up'.  They string together a few more standouts with 'Lost', 'Love of My Life' and 'The One'.  The quality slips a little again after that, but overall I enjoyed this album

  10. The re-imagined version of 'Hellchild' is alright, I can handle that. I've been a big Lynch/Dokken fan for years, but this comes across as merely something to listen to once out of curiosity.  I think most long time fans would much rather they put out some new material that goes back to the style of those first two albums.  Or as AlphaMale mentioned, if you're going to redo something why not the self-titled album with Oni on vocals.  

  11. Not a band I listen to very much, but they've got a few songs that I enjoy.  Their EP a few years ago had more of a country rock vibe.  While the last two full length albums are as was mentioned a mix of straight ahead rock & roll and modern rock with some blues and country sprinkled in. 

  12. 8 hours ago, tts42572 said:

    For me, think that's my favorite Perfect Plan tune I've heard to date.  Love the riffs and heavier vibe.  

    Their debut album was decent enough but what I wanted was a bit more edge and this tune adds some.

    Yeah, definitely a tougher guitar sound when compared with the debut and I prefer it as well.   Of the two tracks released so far, I liked 'Better Walk Alone' a bit more, but the new song is solid.

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