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these guys have got some nerve. i bought several discs off these tools and received CDr's instead of the real thing. when i contacted the owner of the site he acted all perplexed and offered to send me the correct discs. needless to say after countless emails never another reply. their older discs were legit but the new stuff not so good. anybody else with the same problem with these jokers????



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i am going to bump this one up as much as i hate to do it. pj since you holiday in the great state of arizona have you had any dealings with these guys?



Mertz, don't worry about apologizing for bumpin' this up, heheheh... every topic here, is legitimate, and... noone's agenda/issue whould be rendered less important than anyone else's... anyway, although I should be- and AM very familiar with my competitors, and... other dealers/outlets I've been rubbin' shoulders with for many years...


...I've never even heard of these guys. Where are they located? Are they an online-only shop?? If they're not too far from here, I'd love to take a trip there, play the idiot, and see if the fuckers try to sell me cdrs, charge sick amounts for'em etc... can't tell ya how much I get off on playin' a rookie when faced with certain dealers out there, just to see how much bullshit they'll try to spin over my eyes, before I unleash my own metal IQ on them, hehehhe.


Sorry... excuse mjy late night babbles...


Gotta get some shut-eye....



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well pj, they are listed online as www.cdthen.net which i believe is actually linking to an aol site. my package came from arizona, not sure what town and when i looked on the site they were strictly web only it appears. they sell on amazon, ebay, and their homepage. the spider and rock goddess i bought years ago were legit silver cds. but the night and point blank discs i purchased recently are cdrs. the owner finally did send me a replacement point blank disc which is still a cdr! they sell at $12.99 which is fair enough but if i want to be motivated i can take anything in my musty smelling record boxes and make cdrs out of them. if they said cdr upfront, no problem, but selling on amazon and doing that, just not cool.


btw acting like a rookie??? u better keep them poker sun glasses on veteran!



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