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220 Volt - Heavy Christmas revisited


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220 VOLT's 'Heavy Christmas' Revisited - Dec. 14, 2009


Swedish heavy metal band 220 VOLT has issued the following update:


"25 years ago we were approached with the idea to record a Christmas song. We were already set in the studio for the 'Mind Over Muscle' sessions and a song was written in record time — 'Heavy Christmas'. It was primarily regarded as a publicity stunt but the single soon found its way to radio stations around the world and a proper release was launched including a 'Heavy Christmas Tour'.


"Through the years we've been asked to make the single available, but due to legal issues this has not been possible… until now. As the song was approaching a 25-year anniversary, we all agreed to re-record it. It was now or never! While at it we decided to include a few additional songs in order to provide something special for our hardcore fans.


"'Heavy Christmas' has been altered slightly. 'Firefall', the classic album and live concert opener from the 'Power Games' album, 'In the End' and 'Electric Messengers' from the 'Mind Over Muscle' album ('Electric Messengers' compilation album in the U.S.) were re-recorded true to the originals… sort of...


"The re-recording sessions feature:


Mats Karlsson - Lead Guitar

Thomas Drevin - Lead Guitar

Joakim Lundholm - Vocals

Mike "Larsson" Krusenberg - Bass

Björn Höglund - Drums and Percussion


"It will be sold through Audiodog. They're able to ship anywhere in the world through their webshop. The EP is also being released digitally and is right now being uploaded to lots of stores around the world. Try iTunes, Amazon, CDON.com. etc within the next few days and you will find it!! If you're shopping at CDON.com, remember to go to 'on demand' section which is where they have their downloads. The album is already out there and at several other European sites. It's also at Napster!"


Check out audio samples at www.myspace.com/220voltsweden.



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