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Spineshank: Self-destruktive Pattern

Ali Rock

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This album is actually from 2003 and a mate of mine have told to by this all the time since it was released. He said it was a great slice of modern metal. I have the previous releas Height of Callousness which I don't think is that special.

A couple of weeks ago I finally bought this beauty, and what a fantastic cd it is. It has all the elements a great modern metal album should have. It has brutal songs that hit you like a ton of bricks, the melodic elements is almost better than sex, fantastic singer in Jonny Santos and a strong production by Garth "GGGarth" Richardsson.

The album opens with the fast Violent Mood Swings with some punkish influences in the pre-chorus and chorus. The first single Smothered is melodic modern metal master piece. Most songs are great but "Beginning of the End", "Forgotten", "Self-Destructive Pattern","Tear Me Down" are essential tracks.

The album varies alot over the cd which is also very good.

Well recommended if you like modern metal with attitude and lots of melodic elements.


Tim, have you heard this beauty?

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"Forgotten" is the best of the bunch you mentioned. The other song I like from them is "New Disease". Pretty good nu-metal but most here don't like nu-metal.

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