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Echo Us' The Tide Decides is released on Musea Records

Guest AbsoluteProbability

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Guest AbsoluteProbability

Echo Us' second album, The Tide Decides is now available


Along with the album, available from www.echous.net is the Notebook For The Tide Decides. The notebook comes as an online e-book and also includes full lyrics from the album.



The cd-album is available through www.echous.net and also through many of Musea Records partners.


Musea Records



Ytsejam.com Review of The Tide Decides



The Tide Decides Synopsis:




" The Tide Decides brings forth a life, living as if it moved in tandem and perfectly parallel with the entirety of human existence. From birth through evolution, to perish or reincarnate The Tide Decides concept is of a fantastic nature, and loosely ties to philosophical ideas and ideals of a new (meta) physics, new age, and the falling away of chronological human consciousness. "




The Tide Decides

<echo us>





1. From Snow To Sea…

2. We Surfaced

3. Trans-Atlantic

4. State Of Expectation

5. The Tide Decides

6. Fantastic Elevation

7. Descending From The Dream

8. Shooting Scenes

9. Out At The Edge Of The World

10. …And Sea To Sky [bon Voyage]

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This sounds pretty promising. Kinda on the weird side but good and very talented. Reminds me of a low-key Pain Of Salvation.

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