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  1. 3 hours ago, Leykis101 said:

    You know something Dan, I've never really been a member of a serious forum I contributed to for any length of time outside this one, oh and G-Offs rock hard linx forum, but I can't imagine the board runners and owners have even a slight of the care and sincerity you do for the members of your forum, I just got to say, I know I'm not your favorite member, or even your 2nd to the last favorite, but the way you moderate this thing, and the fact u some how recruited G-Off to be a contributor, makes HH one of its kind, and you proving my point, by making this new thread, tells alot bro, your a good dude(no homo) I hope the others here notice this and get what I'm saying here. Does anyone belong to any other forums? Are they as tight nit as HH?

    Well said mate and I wholeheartedly agree. This is the first and only forum I've been a member of and I can honestly say that I've never had a bad experience here. BTW, very nice touch with the new thread Dan. 

  2. Here's two from "Soren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures". An album released last year that I missed. It's an instrumental album, which is fine, but it's such a shame these tracks aren't accompanied by vocals. Having said that, every now and then I'm in the mood for some instrumental stuff and this is top notch. The second track does borrow heavily from "Stormbringer" though.




  3. 14 hours ago, Leykis101 said:

    yes Jacob, biology programs us to automatically use our brain,  every second of everyday, woman have feeble and undeveloped brains, so their subconsciously trying to draw from something that if  it is there, it's so significantly defective, and unusable, that eventually it begins to overwork, and in turn begins to kind of like become exhausted and does its own version of overheating and shutting down, therefore creating gigantic and painful headaches, only obtaining homeostasis by opening the mouth and releasing volume after volume of useless air, generally unintelligible and at extremely high speeds, in men this would be refereed to as talking, but for some reason in females it to is defective and it just comes out in long rambling meaningless bursts. so this is what I learned in my biology class, pretty interesting don't you agree?

    This recent one just popped up on my youtube recommendations. It's got Cody written all over it. What a legend this guy is BTW. Absolute Rockstar. I might just change my user name to "Bilzerian101".



  4. 15 hours ago, Geoff said:

    Who likes 'Hot for teacher?' If someone asked me to epitomise an 80's hard rock filler song (that to VH's credit, for better or worse, a lot of bands copied) it would be 'Hot for teacher.' Absolute garbage. 

    No idea what 'I'll wait' is meaning it was either so bad I forgot it or... well, that's about the only scenario. 

    Listen to "I'll wait". Great track!

  5. 54 minutes ago, CureTheSane said:


    I mentioned in another thread how we over here were pretty sheltered from all things Boston, Styx, Journey, etc except for the few hits they had.

    Dio, I mean I really like I Could Have Been A Dreamer.
    Just did a top 10 dio songs search to see if there were any others I liked and couldn't imagine the sound of any of them, including Holy Diver, which I believe people generally froth.


    I love DIO. Back in my pre-school days the Roger Glover song "Love is all" animated film clip from "The Butterfly Ball" was on early morning TV literally every morning. One of my earliest ever music memories. I think his voice imprinted on my brain.



  6. I'd just discovered Little Caeser when T2 came out and recognized him straight away. The credits confirmed it and I got a kick out of it.

    Here's one you might not be aware of. The 1984 sex comedy "Hardbodies" was regularly rented by me from my local video store back in my early teen "titty movie self isolation" days. It was only recently that I discovered  "Vixen" were the all girl band who featured prominently.  They had more of a pop/rock vibe.



  7. Absolutely appreciate the gesture, but the fact is that you're doing it just as hard as the rest of us at the moment. Donation drive or not I've thrown a small amount your way. Hopefully some of the more prolific posters will do the same. In this time especially,  an oasis of sanity like this site is very much appreciated and needed.

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