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  1. On 11/25/2020 at 8:56 PM, Leykis101 said:

    2 of my friends who have had the Corons, and one who has right now, all decided to head over to my house yesterday, cause I was going to lose my mind from boredom and isolation anyways, I feel so ran down I didn't feel like even playing darts or pool, so I busted out the DVDs and we viewed all the classics, mind you these guys and girl are all half my age, they had never seen the good old early 80's titty classics, so I presented them the classics, Last American Virgin, Revenge Of The Nerds, Hardbodies.

    I'm sure a man of your knowledge was aware of this, Cody San.


    On 3/25/2020 at 1:46 PM, Darkstone said:

    I'd just discovered Little Caeser when T2 came out and recognized him straight away. The credits confirmed it and I got a kick out of it.

    Here's one you might not be aware of. The 1984 sex comedy "Hardbodies" was regularly rented by me from my local video store back in my early teen "titty movie self isolation" days. It was only recently that I discovered  "Vixen" were the all girl band who featured prominently.  They had more of a pop/rock vibe.




  2. The State of Victoria has always been the Mecca of Australian Rules Football. There is, however two other Australian States who have a rich Aussie Rules history. South Australia and Western Australia. 

    Up until 1990, before the game became the AFL, playing for a club in the VFL was, to use a Baseball term, like getting a call to the Major Leagues.

    The SANFL and the WAFL produced many VFL stars and back in the day each league received a tremendous amount of support. 

    This is an SANFL clip from 1974. Back when this was a true man's game. Bear in mind, most of these "bumps" were considered fair back then and play continued.




  3. The "Models" are an iconic 80s Aussie band. When they first started in the early 80s they were full on "New Wave", but as the decade progressed, they became more of a Pop/Rock band. It's interesting that these clips are very, very different in style, but all three encompass the 80s. "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" is still played very regularly on commercial radio down here.

    In 1989 their lead singer "James Freud" released a solo album, this time going for a more Hard Rock vibe.

    I've always loved the single "Hurricane". 




  4. 8 minutes ago, Dead Planet said:

    What I find amusing is that some people think that they are unaffected by happenings on the other side of the planet...we live in a very interconnected world these days and having an unhinged president in the most powerful country should be a concern to everyone...

    I'm fully aware of the repercussions of US politics on the rest of the world and my own country. I've mentioned it many times on here. I'm just a bit too far removed to get too riled up about it.

    I can understand that being a neighbor could make a difference, but i'd be more concerned about Trudeau if I were you.

  5. 1 hour ago, martinsane said:

    He and Ben both 1st ballet hall of fame canditates and neither have received 1 MVP vote in their illustrious careers. SMFH.

    It's the NFL, so that doesn't surprise me.   ;)

  6. Flame  - Don't Look Down.

    I remember picking this album up in a bargain bin not long after it was released. I new nothing of the band and the cover art was a bit dodgy, but it was only $2, so I thought why not? I couldn't believe how good the album was and when I got to this track I was in heaven. 



  7. On 11/15/2020 at 8:39 PM, Glen said:

    I'm checking out now.

    Thread is done imo. Trump lost , get over it, enjoy the next 4 years. 

    I was never actually "under it". I don't have a horse in the race. I do, of course have an opinion regarding US politics, but because I'm not American, it's neither here nor there. 

    I find it laughable that non Americans get so triggered by the "T" word.

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