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  1. JThorley

    Sons Of Apollo - Psychotic Symphony

    First listen to 'Signs of The Time' didn't really do anything for me. I did however like the instrumental section, had a 'Falling Into Infinity' fusion vibe to it. I think I liked that part so much because I was genuinely expecting a metal shred/wank fest so was pleasantly surprised. Had a few more listens to it and it is sort of a grower, not a bad song by any means. Was refreshing to hear genuine analogue keyboard sounds compared to how Dream Theater have used them in the past 10/15 years. Will probably still check out the rest of the album.
  2. JThorley

    Giant reunites for first time

    The few videos I've seen going around facebook sound alright. Dann Huff's clearly enjoying himself with the guitar side of things. It's strange that he didn't sing at all and slightly disappointing (even if that is a bit selfish of me to say) better than no gig at all though
  3. JThorley

    New W.E.T album coming

    I believe it was confirmed that a new work of art is on the way This year i think Ah, even better then!
  4. JThorley

    Lionville - A World Of Fools

    Not had chance to listen to pick this up yet. Really liked World of Fools and the production sounds like a massive step up from the first two albums. Anyone know if Lars had a hand in mixing this as he did with the last WOA?
  5. JThorley

    New W.E.T album coming

    Great news! Would personally prefer a new Work of Art album on the cards (although did see a recent pic of Lars and Robert together on fb, so maybe that's coming to?) but this is also welcome news.
  6. Hi guys! Long time lurker that's decided to come out of the shadows. I'd like to share a project I've been working on with some friends in the UK. We've been working on a heavy melodic rock EP and we're now in the early stages of working with a singer. However we felt like we wanted to start gaining some interest and feedback now, so we've put together an instrumental from the leftover ideas from the recording sessions. Here's a rough mix of the track via our sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/atlasprojectuk/over-above It's slightly more in the 'metal' region then what will end up on the EP (probably why some parts didn't make the cut) hopefully the keyboards should make up for the AOR guys in here Thanks for your time!

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