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  1. It's great listening to this stuff again, all I have left is an Orange Seed Parade demo and a Reprobates EP, both on cassette. Speaking of the Reprobates, I guess the set designer/dresser of the movie Disturbia was from Baltimore. There are a bunch of their flyers in the main character's bedroom.
  2. Hi, just stumbled across this thread. Holy shit, this thread brings back memories of me being fifteen and hanging out at The Rage with OSP, Rumblestreet, Shock LaRue, Gunga Din and a bunch of others before I started playing music myself in the early to mid nineties. I'm Jay, currently live in Harrisburg PA and originally from B-more. I look forward to more stuff to make me realize that my life is no where close to being as fun as it was back then. Especially the music scenes...
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