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  1. I have seen him here three times, all great shows. Friend of mine turned me onto Marvelous 3 Ready Sex Go around the time I was getting divorced and it became my soundtrack. Bought his book, bunch of CD's, all great stuff. I'll have to look for the DVD. Hoping he comes back soon.
  2. lol. The autographed copy never got back to me. and what's up on CD shipping? I haven't shipped one in years.
  3. any of you ever look us up on FaceBook?
  4. Doh!! Forgot all about this. I can still send around a liner to have autographed, we don't see each other often(drummer in Edmonton, singer, guitarist in southern Ontario, and me in Detroit) but I am due for a visit soon to the Ontario guys. Not much new. We were trying to get a project going for new material, but distance and other commitments got in the way. Not ruled out though
  5. There are two more CD's on eBay right now. One even sites this thread for getting a disc around the world. Too funny!!
  6. where did you get it? I have a saved search on eBay and haven't seen one in a bit
  7. show was great, band fell back together like it was last month instead of 15 years ago, and we may even try to keep it going again. search FaceBook for Ten Seconds Over Tokyo and there are some pics on the group page
  8. It's show day!!! I will have the guys sign the copy I brought along and we'll go from there. And yes those boots were something else.
  9. you didn't post this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI2XoT-HVV4&feature=related
  10. nope, we didn't get to tour the world, have you?
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