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  1. Yeah, but even today they play «old music» 😅 So im not sure if 2008 really matters 😅
  2. Hehe Yeah i would define it as westcoast AOR 😅. I knew this would be a hard one!😂 Been searching for that song since 2008😜. Probably not gonna be my last post! Have a nice weekend and thanks for everyone who helped, and got mr Aor to check in! 🤘🍻 Now Im gonna play some Bill Champlin and make dinner! Hiho from Norway ! /Alex
  3. Hello. Im gonna try to make this post short. Many years ago i was driving. And suddenly there was this great tune on radio. And I really want to get a hold on that song. I dont remember so much about the song. But my feeling tells me that it was about driving 😂. Sounded like maybe some mid 80s maybe early 90s. Not so much use of synth. melodic guitar, with amazingly sweet guitar solo. ”Heavier” vocal than regular westcoast AOR. The only part from the lyrics i remember is something like ”Did you see me coming” And no its not petshop boys
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