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  1. It would be good but I have no control over the Album Power by Atlantic. I just played Guitar Solos and some Guitar Parts on the Album. I have no idea where all the royalties go for the album.
  2. No but I will see if I can dig them out as they are all on cassette.
  3. Thank you. It's quite expensive I believe to buy now. I never really got any money out of it. Not sure if Phil and Simon did either. I have the tapes of us rehearsing it somewhere. Also some of the singles on record of "can't hold on" which is a slightly different version to the one on the album.
  4. I actually listen to it now and again and can't believe I played on it.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was lucky enough to play Guitar on an Album called "Power" with a band called Atlantic (many years ago) with Phil Bates and Simon Harrison and I got to write and play 90% of the Guitar Solo's and some of the guitar on it. I am a Heavy Metal Guitarist and always will be, but on the Atlantic Album the brief was 'Tasteful' Guitar and so I had to tone down what I normally did and I think I became a better guitarist because of it. Anyway, I have been writing songs myself now for a while and I have been coerced into putting the songs up I have written/played and recorde
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