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  1. My name is Tom Saffioti I am the founder, songwriter for the bands Razor Sharp and Crash Street. We currently have three cds for sale on your site, presumably through an arrangement with Retrospect Records, who we have a contract with. One of the CDs is named "Archives", it is songs we recorded prior to and after we had Bruce Terkildsen singing in the bands. On that CD credits, there is a mistake. The vocalist on 3 of the songs, "Something About You", "When The Clock Strikes Goodbye" and "Time Waits For No Man" were mistakenly noted as KEN DIAZ. The vocalist who sang on those is named Kenny Michaels Ortiz. He was formerly in the band "Departure" who also apparently have a cd for sale on your website as well. Can you please make the change to correct this? Also, on the Crash Street CD, the bass player on 3 of the songs (Say Uncle, True Story and American Dream)was "Derrick Tailer", he later was the guitar player in Overkill Bruce Terkildsen and Joey Demaio also performed on those songs and went on to start "Faith Healer" Finally, Billy Orrico, the drummer on all 3 CDS, went on to play in the band Biloxi afterwards and is currently the drummer on tour with Frank Dimino and Punky Meadows/ANGEL and Bill Ruffino, bass player, is the bass player in a blues band with many records and world tours, called "The Jeff Jensen Band" Please make all applicable changes ASAP. Thank you! Tom 201-566-4179

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