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What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

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Salem Lotts- Mask Of Morality 

21 hours ago, SessionWulf said:

Just discovered Jet 68 the other day and bought it at first listen!

IM O.K. - song by Jet 68 | Spotify

Got a white t shirt of Black Board Jungle, with their comment. " No Dicks In This Band "

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The Metallica Blacklist



Two discs in, and there are a few gems here amongst a lot of crap. Probably gonna take all my faves and burn one decent disc to listen to in the car...

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56 minutes ago, whiplash1972 said:

The Metallica Blacklist



Two discs in, and there are a few gems here amongst a lot of crap. Probably gonna take all my faves and burn one decent disc to listen to in the car...

What are the gems in your opinion?

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Remastered Michael Schenker Group - One Night At The Budokan

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    • I hear J.M. Straczynski is rebooting Babylon 5 and while I would love to see more B5 I am also concerned that this epidemic of wokeness will infect the new series....I'm not sure if it is even possible to get a series greenlit without bowing to the PC crowd...
    • And another of my Favorite Franchises. Again thinking the other day how many of them are still around (reruns) and how many will never be allowed to be seen again, because of all this BS.    
    • Had a cheery night last night watching- The Lobster - not as heavy as 'The Killing of a sacred deer' that I just watched, but by goodness this dude can create a film. Bit more "humour" than the other one, but just excellent gear. I thought it was marvellous.  The Purge - been meaning to see this for so long. A bit more straight forward than what I normally dig, but still unsettling in the scenario it presents, and I thought it was a pretty good watch. 
    • I love westerns. Watched one I hadnt see on Friday night while at my Moms. I really enjoyed all the actors in it too. The movie is called Forsaken. The main actors are Kiefer & Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore and Brian Cox. Good Movie.   https://www.imdb.com/video/vi228439321/?ref_=tt_vi_i_2 
    • Yeah they were ok and I do own it but not really my thing... actually saw them live back at the time supporting Extreme for Pornograffitti tour in Belfast...the singer changed his fucking hat more more times than they played songs...that always sticks in my head when I see these guys mentioned 
    • Two brilliant albums...picked the first up like many of you as a blind purchase and then Blaze from Zrecords...pity they didnt do anything after that...apart from the track "What She Don't Know" from Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead ost...  
    • Again:  So much hatred in all this wokism, CRT, racism stuff going on, and even the Covid stuff. Thinking about it all the other day. So many just giving in instead of standing tall and saying no Im not going to let this effect me or us. How so many business's are involved in it all. Im wondering how much of it has to do with everyone trying to keep making money too?
    • Big thanks to Gotthardline who was actually the one who directed my ears to this band, but the time has come where I'm going to drop a thread for these guys as I think there needs to be one on this forum. To this day they've only released a five song EP, a cover song, two post-EP tunes, and as I understand it a brand new single that is to feature on their debut album. A couple of chaps in the modern music thread have checked them out, but if you dig modern rock I'd highly recommend checking them out, and maybe someone can share in my anticipation for the new album. Can't sugarcoat if from my perspective. If anyone recalls my adoration for Cauterize (which stands to this very day), this is probably the best band (to my ears) that I have heard since Cauterize. Of the 8 original songs they're released so far, I don't just think all are good... I fucking love each one of them. I play Cauterize's discography and every single song they ever recorded is perfection to me. Of course I'm jinxing these guys now, but I get the exact same vibe from this band. I don't know if many people dig this kind of stuff, but this highly emotive soul-on-the-stage type of gear blows me away. Anyway, to each all their own, and this is purely my thoughts. But hoping they can get a couple of new fans as I think they're brilliant.  And just reading that back, for anyone who actually liked Cauterize (which I think amounts to one, possibly two of y'all) these guys could not sound more different to Cauterize, musically. There's not musical similarity, other than that the singer bleeds his words rather than sings. On that point, though, a lot of people mentioned they didn't like the singer in Cauterize's voice (which I could understand if you're just looking at things at surface level) but this guy's voice is velvet.  Anyway, here's the new song, which already gave my chills on listen #1- This is another sensational song released since the EP- This is a cover of a Linkin Park song which I readily admit I already liked a lot. This version, however (and call me biased) is a stunning rework- Just actually found this one now... a tune also released after the debut EP and not (hopefully yet) belonging to an album- And then we have their debut EP- And a couple of tunes off this one-      
    • New video for 'The One'.    
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