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What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

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Definitely wouldn't mind a new record from the original line up w/ Lenny on vox...

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Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes.jpg

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Traci Lords - Best Scenes

Sorry, wrong section. I mean:



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Simon Says - Spin This ( original EP )

Simon Says - Spin His ( Re release )

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    • I didn't get a choice..they just stuck an Astrazenica in me...as for superpowers I can now see in the dark,with the lights on of course
    • Isn't the new Jannsen jab a one off?
    • 10 weeks between them here,it started as 2 weeks but they changed it to enable more people to have at least a first jab each
    • About A Girl - Nirvana
    • Faith Hope Love - King's X
    • This is better than most things Taint has done in the last decade, but it merely rises to the level of "ok" or "not bad". Certainly nothing stellar IMO.
    • Jez, this could be right up your alley. Westcoast/AOR from Norway. I dig it. Good cover of Nik Kershaw's 'Running Scared'.   www.facebook.com/tobbmusic                          
    • From Red Voodoo's website: Sacramento’s rock band RED VOODOO is ready to take on the world with their debut album “BRING IT BACK” produced by Tesla’s guitarist, Frank Hannon. Red Voodoo’s sound is inspired by rock bands such as Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Boston, and Rush. The album embodies the new generation of rock n’ roll and what music is all about. From straight forward rock songs to emotionally driven ballads, each song tells a story. Red Voodoo is Dino McCord (lead vocals), Brandon Paul (lead guitar), Andrew Edwards (bass guitar), and Nick Pesely (drums). “Bring It Back” is out everywhere now! RED VOODOO gained national attention during the summer of 2020 with their #1 Underground radio hit RISE UP, a song and video that expressed their feelings about isolation during the Covid-19 crisis and attracted the ears of their musical hero Sammy Hagar. Dino visited the legend for his birthday bash at Cabo Wabo and was invited to sing onstage with Sammy for a set of acoustic songs.                          
    • New lyric video for 'Blinded By A Lie'.    
    • Yeah another concern is waiting 4 months or more for the second jab, the science says 8-10 weeks at the  most but the politicians are panicking in many places (including Canada) and trying to get the first jab into as many people as possible and making them wait too long for the second jab due to a shortage of vaccine....someone save us from idiot politicians who quote the science one minute and then toss it aside when it doesn't suit them....do it right or not at all.... Of course now I'm hearing from the pharmaceutical companies that we will need a third shot.....this makes sense since they have not made enough profit from this pandemic yet....someone save us from greedy assholes...
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