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What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

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A week of classics  not a bad disc there  

On cd?  

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Vandenberg's Moonkings -  Rugged And Unplugged.

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It's been awhile since my last vinyl session! Revising some classics after a great day in trails and enduro racing. Kudos to Athienites grocery for providing the cheapest booze around! 




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I put 8 newish albums on my phone as I had a 7 hour drive today.

Damn phone and the type C input. Forgot to bring the converter from headphone jack to phone input :(

Will get one while I'm away for the drive home in a few days

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Skagarack - A Slice Of Heaven

Jaded Heart - Helluva Time

Lionsheart - Pride In Tact

Winger - Karma

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Paul Raymond of UFO has passed away. R.I.P. 


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In memory of Paul Raymond.

Michael Schenker Group - One Night At Budokan.

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    • Guns n' Roses - Don't Cry (Alternate Lyrics). When the "Illusion" albums came out, I could only afford one. "Illusion II" was the better album and "You Could Be Mine" plus "Civil War" sealed the deal. That meant that I was/am far more familiar with and prefer the alternate version of "Don't Cry".  The lines "And when you're in need of someone, my heart won't deny you So many seem so lonely with no one left to cry to, baby" get me everytime I hear it.      
    • Agree.  For my tastes its not been a great year but this one definitely is a stand out.
    • Absolutely a top 10 album!
    • Just when I thought Confess were going to take it clean, I go and hear this song, it embodies everything I love about this kind of music, perfect riffs, completely awesome singer who I put up there with Darren Rogers and Terry Brock, fucking bad ass song, guess I'll see if i like it more then Confess???  
    • Oh I can show you a bunch of different shit from all sorts of various websites, so where in your example is the proof any of these are lies? just cause some nutjob website says so? good try though.
    • What I cant change my mind? is that what you mean? I liked OAN, I also use to watch CNN, so that means I have to stand by that forever? lets talk about a small problem with truth, how about your entire party? I quit watching CNN because their entire line up is smeared with idiot left wing liberal journalists, who absolutely make up news, if I gave you an example i'd have to just post the live link to it, I should post the clips I can find where they report the actual story as is, but I dont have access to the archives, Id have to go back to like 84 and shit, no what I mean, you aint getting me on any of this shit, when I discovered OAN I thought wow a news channel that tells it like it is, and they have a hot ass anchor, not as hot as as Robin on Headline News, but pretty close, I like any news you can watch on mute and jerk off to at the same time, thats rare these days.
    • Edens Of The Earth - Breathless
    • I think this sits inside my Top 10
    • I had a ten album playlist from 2020 running last weekend and this album was included. I'll admit that I haven't played this much but each song that come up really stood out. very strong release for 2020
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