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    • Yep. I've had one or two days where I realised the only way forward was to avoid the news.  My girlfriend's also learned not to read the news just before trying to go to sleep. For a lot of us the really hard times not hit yet. Hospitals here in south Bavaria reaching limits so hard days coming up for those in the caring professions.  I really hope at the end of this the value of medical staff is finally respected.   
    • Here's two from "Soren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures". An album released last year that I missed. It's an instrumental album, which is fine, but it's such a shame these tracks aren't accompanied by vocals. Having said that, every now and then I'm in the mood for some instrumental stuff and this is top notch. The second track does borrow heavily from "Stormbringer" though.      
    • That first tune is pretty good. Nice stuff, kind of like a budget version of WOA. 
    • Neither song is awful but neither is very good either. Kind of par for these guys. Dude on vocals has similarities to Steve Lee at times. 
    • Really nice tune. A lot better than what's happened since the debut. 
    • I'm going to leave you alone to jam to this one, Cody. Not into it at all. 
    • One of the first pieces of official advice we got at work was to avoid overexposure to social media and the news. I have the radio on from 9:30am to 12pm at work Monday to Friday and that's the only time I let this depress me. You'll be suicidal if you surrender to the news' view of the world. 
    • That's exactly what my friend said! 😆
    • Man this shit is getting REAL....I've got to stop watching the news!...it's fucking depressing....
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