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    • Was great to catch up with Wes on the MORC after 15 or so years on here. Very cool guy too.
    • Yep, what this guy said. 'Rock your body' gets better with every listen and 'We are gods' gets weaker with every listen - easily worst on the album for me. 
    • Yeah, another person here who thinks Rock your body is decent. The chorus is really bad, but I think musically the rest of it is really good. The solo is particularly tasty, especially those opening bends Rise is the perfect outro song IMO. Oh, I'm thinking one of the highlights of the album is the solo section in Victory - the keys starting, then Dave, then ends a bit Racer Xish
    • Not unanimously, because I think "Rock Your Body" is great (total ear-worm for me) and think "We Are Gods" is the weak point of the album.
    • Drive is a top 10 ballad of all time for me. Utter perfection. Think you mean Rocknut? Mmm if I said anymore it would be by PM  
    • That's why I miss out on posting on a lot of new album release threads and am always Johnny come lately. Because I wait until it's had 6 - 10 spins so I really get a good feel for it. Based on this, sometimes after a first listen I KNOW I will never like the song. But this it pretty rare. usually I can oust a couple after a few listens for specific reasons, then I let the rest drum into my brain. Rare that a lot of time goes by and I have a change of heart, but it does happen. I didn't like God Of Thunder for like 20 years, and eventually I got it lol Same with Drive by The Cars. Hated it. Was all over radio until we couldn't bare it. Then years went by and I heard it again and I could appreciate it. I remember a guy on the old Metal Edge forums ( a long time ago) - rucknut. He reckoned that he could instantly assess any song on one listen I I felt sorry for him as I think that is total crap and he missed out on a lot of music. He was very proud of his music collection and ability to listen to pretty much every song written though.  
    • One of those consistently solid but never spectacular bands. Their stuff is all pretty decent, but none of it utterly essential. But a good solid listen. Similar to bands like Satrox and Domain etc. off the top of my head. 
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