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    • That's a better track.not amazing but better...but still sounds empty if you know what I mean...just sounds like this track should be more solid in sound with a big thumping beat(maybe its just my speakers?)...sadly it doesn't...for me anyway...have a soft spot for HOL so ill most likely still buy it though.
    • Finally got this album and have spent some time with it and I was yearning for something new to listen to.  And damn, really digging it!  I'm not sure how I missed these guys but this album would've definitely been in my top 10 in 2019 if I had bought it then.  I might just toss it into my 2020 top 10. After listening, I've settled that it really mostly reminds me of Kissin' Dynamite combined with H.e.a.t.  The album was produced by Jona Tee and liner notes also say Dave Dalone and Jona both lended a hand with keys, songwriting, backing vocals, etc.    I know these guys have also signed with Frontiers and are shooting for their next release in 2021 so I'm sure we'll hear a bit more about them in the future. I'd just say it's well worth checking out if you liked the Ecstasy album from Kissin' Dynamite as this reminds me quite a bit of that.  It's not quite as strong as that album but similar vibe/style IMO.  
    • New song 'New World New Eyes'.    
    • New video for 'Hollow'.    
    • Yeah, fun band is a good description. They put on an awesome musical show, but they're good fun between tunes too. In complete honesty, considering my sheltered musical life here in Australia, I think I could confidently label that as the best gig I have attended. 
    • great live I agree. Such a fun band
    • do you mean electric boys?  
    • Yep. Very depressing. I got to see Reckless Love on the literal last weekend before shit got insane here in Australia, and I couldn't really ask for a better way to end an era. So good. A nice memory to hold onto for the next few years. 
    • Haha, no worries. And don't worry too much about being gay or not. I have a deep fondness for homosexual intercourse, but I'm definitely not gay. I'll take you up on that offer when this social distance thing dies down. 
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