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    • You got it wrong man, I'm the last person to buy conspiracy theories, you know why that is? no such thing, I do not for one bit believe that China producing Covid is at all a conspiracy theory, it's actually the most feasible explanation I've heard yet, the version I heard had nothing to do with trump, and actually began near the end of Obama's presidency, the story of the Chinese, and WHO, yeah that is out of the Trump block, Covid being out of the lab, that's what I believe the truth, the US government while funding the labs, had began consistently harping on the labs, for their poor security, one agent going as far as saying somebody could literally walk out the front door of one of the labs with anything they wished, wet markets have been around since the dawn of time, why is it now, some gross fucking chinaman, eating bats, would suddenly contract Covid, and at that, how would it spread as fast as it did, that just logically doesn't make any sense to me, no conspiracy's, you don't think the Chinese government would stifle something like that?? think of all the fucked up bizarre diseases that come out of China, at least a few every 5 years, why is that? no I'm certainly not looking at it as a conspiracy, I just believe it's much more likely China was tampering with shit, and it went wrong, Ive believed it since it started, also I wouldn't necessarily believe Trump will stay pulled out of WHO, I think he is playing a game with the Chinese gov, I really do.
    • that will come out in the review after the pandemic if it's true but I've seen no concrete of this except Trumps own ramblings. Which as I say is more to cover up his own failings.  You can believe all the conspiracy theories you want but all the realistic evidence points to poor H&S in Chinese WET markets which need to be regulated or better closed down.  I stand by my comment regarding who  - they undertake too much important work to have funding cut.  interesting that you mention $2.8 billion. I read the funding levels were much lower with US funding at $400M per annum - albeit they were the highest which is wrong imo - funding should be more equal. 
    • The world is a fucking MADHOUSE! down here in OZ this morning we were greeted with live footage of two Aussie television reporters being attacked in London within hours of each other. The first one gets intense. London FFS! Civil unrest has been around from the beginning of civilization. It's always been fairly localized throughout history. The French Revolution, The troubles in Ireland, as mentioned earlier, not to mention countless other revolutions. The only difference now is that revolutions, as with everything are on a Global scale. It's not necessarily localized anymore. The third video also addresses the protests/corona virus issue (great channel BTW). Absolute joke of a world we live in. I think the "Georgia Guidestones" are spot on.        
    • Just read Metal T's post which also suggests this. But as seen by many replies on this very forum, and multiplied by the world outside, no one wants to see that side of the discussion. 
    • Thank christ for this slab of sensible common sense. Very rarely do you see that second number.  If understand correctly the ratio is very similar in the US too. But of course you won't hear about that. 
    • kind of a vague shot there Metal T, was wondering if you could go ahead and be more specific? maybe even just drop a name, im nervous you could be referring to me, and if that's the case, I'd like my name in big bold capital letters, gracing this page on HH, your not gonna call me out and not give me the credit I deserve, your a fucking racist, you wont say my name cause im Japanese/Irish, isn't that right? let me tell you something, Round  Eye, you give me proper credit, or I bring great shame to framery, understand?
    • Uh!! ugh! well, It has the right sediment, but it really doesn't say anything with regards to disembowelment, necrophilia, or scatology, go listen to Cannibal Corpse, Eatin Back To Life, 3 times, i mean truly listen to the lyrics, then come back, and use your new found knowledge, and just completely annihilate me, make me so upset, I cant bare to even remain on the board tonight, I want at least a month of suicidal thoughts, followed by 6 months minimum of unbearable depression, anxiety, and my favorite, DOOM! I know you can do this Alpha, G-Off's the only one who's ever made me feel that way, and now we have gay ass sex, like we never had it before, I'm counting on you Russ!
    • Sorry, not trying to instigate I swear, I'm just completely clueless, perhaps I'm a halfwit, I flunked my IQ test, but I am assuming you were trying to Zing Mr. Metal T, am I correct so far? Under the assumption he's American, I actually believe he's Antartic, he carries duel citizenship and rotates to his home in Southern North Hades, in the winter, but supposing he was American, to shoot guns and fuck kinfolk, I believe he would have to be a resident in either Louisiana, Georgia, or Alabama, and possibly Colorado City Arizona, if he's from one of the other 46 states, he probably not only didn't catch the Zing, he probably was clueless what you were even talking about, I mean he may not even have a gun, or a sister, best thing to do, is axe him where he resides, then configure your Zing appropriately, just a small suggestion, I love Zinging and being Zung, so no charge for the Zing lesson, it's on me.
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