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    • Not bad. I hear the D2 Ted in this.
    • Agreed. Very disappointing. The few Dynazty type tracks are probably the best of the bunch but I am not really liking this disc at all. I want the debut band back pronto!
    • Sure does. What an insanely weak year.
    • The band has no identity either, which I'm surprised I care about so much. Feel like the current bunch will just vanish someday and we'll see new faces without a word mentioned!
    • Mine finally arrived today,over a week late along with new Art Nation...a few days early? This is pretty good,not amazing...but just sounds like Eclipse to me doing what they have done for a while,it will probably work its way into my top 10 somewhere or other,after repeated spins of course...but my goodness its a short disc runtime wise isn't it?
    • Jeepers...what happened to these guys,loved Revolution,wasnt  mad on Liberation but this a different kettle of fish,they sound like theyre tryin to be H.E.A.T at times and Dynazty at times without actually hitting it,also on this they have a few that remind me of Evanescence...   can safetly say I'll never listen to this again.
    • Thanx for the info   didn't even realise that.
    • This is not the same singer that appeared on the album, that was Henry Rundell. Daniel was the singer prior to the album and can be seen on the video for Time to escape (although you would barely recognise him compared to the new video).   I saw Dan last year perform with Ben Christo's side project, Shot Through The Heart, which is an 80s hair metal cover band. Was great seeing him back behind the microphone as I always slightly preferred his vocals to Henry's in Night By Night.   Glad to finally have him back. (and despite the different name, that bassist looks a lot like Johnny Thornton from Night By Night as well)  
    • Love that,his def lep influences are certainly coming through,dont hear the Perfect Plan comparison myself,think its more Danger Danger as he sounds a bit like Ted Poley on this to me...which is great,and a wee bit of Jagged Edge towards the end. Will now look forward to 24th JAN  
    • Here's a video I really enjoyed watching!  I'm sure some of you probably have seen it before, but I wanna share it anyway   [https://youtu.be/JONL0CwZXxY/url] (Btw this is a post I just copy-pasted from thepetrazone.net, but it's still my OP)  https://www.thepetrazone.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57726&p=175868#p175868
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