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    • So I've been making new compilations, but for the top 25 songs of my favorite bands only. So when I play in my car etc, it starts at 25 and counts down and gradually gets better the longer it goes. Bit of fun in some rare down time. Ao anyway, here's what I came up with for Motley. Decided to post this one mainly to read the horrified comments of a lack of representation from the first 2 albums 1.    Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 2.    Poison Apples 3.    Home Sweet Home 4.    Kickstart My Heart 5.    Same ‘Ol Situation 6.    Girls, Girls, Girls 7.    Driftaway 8.    Without You 9.    Misunderstood 10.    On With The Show 11.    Time For Change 12.    Looks That Kill 13.    Wild Side 14.    Afraid 15.    She Goes Down 16.    Enslaved 17.    Red Hot 18.    Bitter Pill 19.    Angela 20.    All In The Name Of… 21.    Live Wire 22.    Shout At The Devil 23.    You’re All I Need 24.    Loveshine 25.    Find Myself  
    • So I like Taylor Hawkins music. Obviously heavioly drum based, and not really traditional hard rock. Eclectic mix of The Sweet, Queen, The Beatles, with a tinge of Foo Fighters thrown in at times. Lots of random stuff in the songs - claps, thumb clicks, some reggae in the songs Get The Money, even some shoobeedoowah. You're either goona open your mind and go with it, or hear it ones, call it experimental shit and never listen again. Hole In My Shoe was the song from Red Light Fever turned me on to him, which is a killer song. Don't Have To Speak and I Don't Think I Trust You Anymore are also great tracks. This new album, Take The Money,  is a new giant step forward. Pretty much the epitome of needing multiple listens to get into the music, after 3 or 4 it all starts to come together. This is a kinda cool clip with Dave and Taylor swapping Foo Fighter roles. Another instance of Dave Grohl being one of the coolest dudes on the planet  
    • I've seen this topic in my feed a bit and wasn't that interested, but then I started thinking about it in more depth and here's what I came up with. I don't really have a fav guitarist. I like guitarists that are wither innovative or unique. Vito BRatta comes to mind as an example. The 'tap' playing, was new. Not sure if Eddie invented it, but he got a lot of credit for it. But overall my favorite guitarists would be the ones who write the great music, or the riffs that make the songs great. Was never really into the technical stuff. Satriani, Dream Theatre, amazing speed in thrash metal etc.
    • https://youtu.be/i7KoM4n4lq0 The Loveless - Return of the Ex-Girlfriend Not official but needs to be seen. How do you insert the clip so you see the picture?
    • Metal Health -Quiet Riot 
    • Heavy Metal Hippies - Loudness
    • I picked these up for the name alone:   Belushi Speed Ball - Prepare For Trouble Belushi Speed Ball - Another E.P.? Belushi Speed Ball - The Frank Castle Picnic (includes comic)   Rock Candy package:   Roadmaster - Hey World Roadmaster - Sweet Music Roadmaster - Fortress Dakota - Dakota Dakota - Runaway
    • UFO - Profession Of Violence. Paul Tonka Chapman did a great job here. 
    • Hinder - Take It To The Limit Therapy? - Troublegum Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Hardline - Double Eclipse Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation
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