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    • Petra praise 2: We Need Jesus - Petra 
    • Petra - Petra
    • Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons -  Age of Absurdity
    • I was sadly very, very bored by it.
    • So, it seems that a fellow pethead has found these forums, and said y'all look silly as heck. Said you lack maturity and decency. . . Shameful if you ask me. Sure, that's not going to upset you but if someone not even on the website feels you guys are trashy-- oof. 
    • Heard it..its quite good but won't break my top 10.
    • I have to agree with that,I never really have liked his vocals,loved TNT Intuition when it was released,played it over and over on my Walkman    but fell out of love with it years ago for some reason(his voice most likely) this isn't as bad though and I sort of like the album ,still not my thing, music sounds fine though.
    • Petra Praise:The Rock Cries Out- Petra
    • Out Of The Silence - Dare
    • As if I haven't said this enough, it's only that you never show yourself nice! And I'm sorry, but, it's kinda been shown that it's only to me! Unless you'd care to show me someone else you're rude to. And if it's because of what you call religion then I guess I'm being protective because I would do the same with an earthly best friend. Just makes sense, I guess.  G-e-o-f-f ・l-a-u-g-h-s ・h-e-r-e I knew you'd assume that I meant you were gay. I think you probably are, but the reason I said Freddie was because I was so mad when I wrote that I had to think of someone I detested most of all. Again, I don't hate gay people, I hate the confusion they're struggling with. And yes, you are an a-hole, but that doesn't mean I hate you. I do but I don't. I hate you on the surface and show it, because you need to stop making yourself hateable, but I guess deep down I don't hate you. I don't even hate Freddie deep down I don't think. I do, but I don't. And I guess it all stems from you are an a- hole as we've all verified, and you continue to be so. I don't know where you went wrong, or how you fooled me into thinking you were a great guy, but you've failed to show me that now.  Explain the 'fake' part? Oh just forget that part. I was real mad that's all. Just forget it.  How's your food tastin? Keeping you on edge enough Ponen? 
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