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    • You confuse me, leykis, 100%. I would like you to explain EXACTLY what you believe, atheists don't pray, atheists believe what AlphaMale said. Unless you're joking- but I'm sorry but joking is going to have to stop for a little while if I'm ever supposed to understand what you believe. 
    • No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no   Prayer is Not like that and God doesn't only work when a prayer is said that would mean that we govern Him which is the absolute complete opposite!  No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Oh dear, oh dear- Catholics, Mormons they're all just in the same horrid lump of people as atheists- just as godless and messed up. This makes me so, so, so disappointed. Not in you- I don't blame you for thinking that about God when you think of Him in that way. We pray, but that doesn't mean God is going to answer how we want, or how we think it should happen or when or where or why or what- it's difficult to understand, but please please, prayer, Jesus, none of it is as twisted as that. 
    • Your joking on this right? you don't truly believe this do you? if you do your just a fucking mutt, with the IQ of a small barn yard animal, It's astounding someone could actually believe this bullshit, I mean Ive met some unintelligent morons in my life, but to believe they just put our bodies underground for the worms, that's the stuff of sci fiction, your in some serious need of counseling, I hope you get it, and figure the truth out, before your soul is ripped from your body, which we have all witnessed in our life, someones soul being torn out, and then sent to burn in hell, cause your certainly not worthy of heaven, primarily cause they don't let dumb people in, I will pray for your soul young man, but only the heavenly father can produce miracles, and that's what you need, if you are at all interested in saving your soul, cause think of how agonizing it will be, just think back to the last soul you witnessed being torn out, and the way you felt witnessing it, wasn't very pleasurable was it?
    • I was wrong. It's Steve's version.
    • That's why I plan to take a while- to study on it. Dig into it. You know, and don't worry about the language. Believe me, if God doesn't think I'm ready for this He wouldn't've sent it my way, and don't worry. I know what atheists believe, for a majority, and I'll dig and dig and dig. 
    • No, no, I just think Geoff tries to down everything I say. Plus his flicks are plain--- trash if you ask me from the way they sound, no resentment, you guys do realize how silly you are with these movies right? 
    • Exactly, I try to explain this to people regularly, and they act like im speaking Chinese to them, take someone with AIDS, you don't think people with AIDS get prayed for? but what happens? they generally die, I tell people after they tell me, yeah so and so was on their death bed and the Mormons came in and gave them a blessing, and holy shit, they lived, well what is the other option? your either gonna live, or your gonna die, wheres this mysterious 3rd option that I apparently do not recognize, I'd really enjoy being in on it, fact is, someone who's sick, is either going to live or going to die, there's no factual evidence in existence showing anyone escaping those 2 options with prayer, if they do studies, how thorough are they? do they send a person in to pray for a person to die? please lord, can you just take this person right now, they are racking up a serious bill and my provider is shit, I cant afford them to be in here another second, sounds funny, but that's the only way to do a serious and fair study, prayer cant and shouldn't just go one way, right? your just as well off, throwing a quarter in the air, and having someone call it, then letting the coin toss ride on the persons survival, that's of course bullshit, the heavenly father steps in and intervenes when a prayer is said, and if nobody is around to pray for a person, that's just their tough shit, guess it was just their time to die, right? completely irrational, mind draining, confusing, and outright bizarre how semi sensible people subscribe to this entire act, that's all it is, a gigantic charade,
    • But Petra Girl im already a little concerned, I am not at all concerned that I'm going to be dragged away and sent to hell, nor am I concerned over you and I kicking it in heaven, because there's no such places, I'm not so worried as much about your intellect towards your beliefs, I'm more concerned over the fact that I'm not so sure you completely understand my beliefs, and anything tying to them, I don't know that you've ever truly sat and pondered and tried to view things from my point of view, I forget your in 7th grade, I mean shit, that's fucking young(pardon my vulgar language) I know your in 7th grade but I cant censor every word, but I'm not even certain your old enough to do a serious overview of the way I think, that's why this might be a little to complex to seriously jump into, your so Gung-Ho about it, your running head first into this from 1 viewpoint, I admire that, but it's not exactly a strategic battle plan, you must remember, all that stuff you know in your heart and head is without a doubt 100% the way it is, is 100% without a doubt the complete and utter opposite of everything I believe, I'm not sure you can even grasp that concept, I mean im sure you could mentally grasp it, like your quick enough to, I'm just not sure your mature enough to have began to seriously look at other angles, and not just mine, I mean all kinds of other angles, there are many, but whatever, fuck it, ya know, I'm down for whatever.
    • There is no heaven. There is no hell. That's made up hogwash. When you die, you die. No afterlife. No resurrection. You get buried in the ground and eaten by worms. No one is saved. Prayer was studied extensively by a hospital. They had 50% patients that were prayed for by a Church on a daily basis and 50% who weren't prayed for. There was 0% improvement for the ones prayed for. The difference in the conditions of either group in fact, the ones prayed for actually fared worse health wise.
    • what do you harp on G-Off for? he just said he's offering Jesus a part in his next flick, entitled The Second Cuming! I mean how much more cordial can he be? Jesus doesnt even have to try out, you know how long I had to try out for my part? G-Off had me cum in at 6am, and I didnt get out of there until at least 6:15pm, 12 hrs of trying out, I was spent, I could hardly walk, for 3 days afterwards, and the tearing didnt heal for another 2 to 3 weeks following, it was fucking brutal, you dont just get given a spot in a G-Off flick, you have to earn it, so this is a very generous thing G-Off has offered, and frankly it upsets me a little, I feel a resentment coming on.
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