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Last movie you watched?

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4 hours ago, martinsane said:

Maybe or maybe as I mentioned after seeing Wonder Park, is this the new trend? More though provoking less funny?


Snowman. I like this Sure it was a glorified SUV episode but it was very nicely shot, well acted with an engaging story line.

I didn't care for Wonder Park either...it seems they are more interested in getting across some social issue rather than making a funny flick...

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The House of Tomorrow


Another I hadn't "heard" of but a nice film none the less and again with a punk rock story. This one was well written and acted and was a nice little feel good film.

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Actually saw a small handful lately;

The Meg - rubbish. I wanted to tap out but I stick with these things when I get started. Just a standard action / killer shark type of film. Bad acting and dialogue... just poor. But watchable, I guess. Just wished I was watching something else.

10 Cloverfield Lane - now this was cool. Had me hooked and intrigued, and kept me hooked and intrigued. And on edge at times too. Good stuff.

Annihilation - very cool too. Didn't really take my eyes of the screen for the duration of this one. Very engaging story and I thought it was a very fine film. Two thumbs up. 

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New Rambo, on DVDr from local market.

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The Dead Don't Die - pretty shit. Like a Cohen brothers film. Boring

In The Shadow Of The Moon - pretty good, developed well, didn't pick the ending, worth a watch

Running With The Devil - pretty shitty all round

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On 7/11/2019 at 7:45 PM, Dead Planet said:

Hellboy (2019) - this one was savaged by critics but I thought it was decent....not as good as the 2 previous Hellboy flicks but not as bad as the critics would have you believe...

new Hellboy was a fun movie, I liked it :)

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    • Godd damm! I cun't even reed or spell animoore. It musst be an age thong, I'm getting cold. Title know corectered.
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    • I suppose, I never use that button but it makes sense 
    • I think most of us browse this site using the "Unread Content" button, and we don't always see what sub-forum each thread is posted in. So it never hurts to clarify.  Also, a lot of these guys are pretty dumb, and they need all the help they can get. ;}
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    • I would agree with that,it was a classy album,full of great tunes
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    • Closest thing I've seen to the point I was going to make. Except, Nordic Union have two bog-average albums and neither would be a good Eclipse album - not even close, imho.  Anyway, for me, there is no doubt in the world that Eclipse's biggest issue is that for a period there for a few years, Martensson was more or less single-handedly writing about a dozen albums per year for every man and his dog. He was just everywhere and it was pretty obvious that was an issue. Some of it was great - I still think the Toby Hitchcock debut is the best album that Martensson has ever written, full stop. And the WET stuff is excellent too, thanks to it being collaborative. But a lot of it was already getting tired early on, such as the poor Ammunition and Nordic Union albums, and that female fronted hard rock band I forget the name of. He was just spreading himself too thin and sadly it's finally come to really show on an Eclipse album. Which is the real shame of it all.  I think the new album is a solid album, but as Glen says above, the best song on it is more or less completely identical to songs on previous albums. It's just got some different lyrics, but otherwise just the same song.  It's a massive ask and not going to happen, but the best thing that could happen for Eclipse is that Martensson just didn't involve himself in any projects for the next two years and concentrate on making good music with Eclipse. Won't happen, though. Also, the different production's been mentioned too - not a fan. It's not offensive, but it just doesn't sound as good as previous albums. 
    • I thought their debut album was excellent. An album that grew on me with pretty much every single spin. I also found a unique-ness in them that is hard to find these days. Great melodies. Very much looking forward to hearing what they come up with next. 
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