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    • Too Fast and Shout are classics. It all started to go down hill from there. Other good songs here and there but nothing like those first two albums. Have you ever noticed how many of Motley records didn’t even have 10 full original songs on them? Covers, live songs, instrumentals. They had a hard time coming up with enough material to fill  an album.
    • thanks for sharing, I did not know they were coming out with a new album this year
    • like you said it's all about preferences, in the end it's those differences that make this site work, bringing in alternate perspectives and introducing people to albums and bands they may have otherwise missed out on, as long as we remember to keep it respectful, plus you can't help that you don't have as good of taste as the rest of us 
    • But guys, he's one of today's most powerful and versatile lead vocalists. 
    • Also saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - agree with comments above, but a long and at times boring film. Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker - way less cringey lines in this one than recent releases. I really enjoyed it - wound up well, and probably the closest that we've had to the first 3 movies (IV, V & VI) as far as the way it was directed and produced. Shame all the others weren't made the same way.
    • I didn't like it at all.  the s/t is from 81 ish. classic line up
    • The Doors-In Concert Five Finger Death Punch-A Decade of Destruction In This Moment-Blood Waylon Jennings-Greatest Hits Moody Blues-Anthology Poison-Swallow This Live Todd Rundgren-Best Of  
    • Nice.  Blind preorder done! I'd guess we probably won't see this album until the summer at the earliest but good news.
    • Once Upon a time in Hollywood - nice drama about friendship, an unexpected ending though, but fun. Also yet another nod from Tarantino to Spaghetti Western and Italo crime movies Scary Stories to tell in the dark - a fun thriller/horror and coming of age movie. Not too scary, but very engaging. Reminded me of It, but not as long.
    • I was listening to 'Shout at the devil' the other day and was surprised as how cool it actually is. We all have the same tunes on our lists, but 'Knock 'em dead kid' and 'Ten seconds to love' are great too. And the 'Helter skelter' cover. Yeah, it was a pretty awesome disc for it's time, to be honest. Credit where it's due, n' stuff. 
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