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Caskets - Reflections


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Bit torn on this one. Absolutely loved the last album. Was late to the party and only picked it up after the year was over after seeing it in Gotthardline's end of year list, but that mofo would have made my top 10... probably even top 5 list that year. Love that album. 

So, naturally, when I saw this I tripped over my own saliva getting it into my stereo. Sadly, I have to say, I found almost every song to be almost there... as in 80% where it needed to be... but over and over, they just seemed to be missing that killer blow to make them all keepers. There is not one even remotely poor song on here, and every song is so close... but there's probably only two here that really do it for me. And these two are killer, completely in line with the previous album, and they are;






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7 hours ago, Ponen said:

Never heard of them. Gonna check them out now. 

Be sure to check out the previous album too. If I were in your position I'd listen to the new one first, then the previous one. 

I'll be curious to hear what you think; if you think one is better than the other. 

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