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Degreed - Public Address


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2 hours ago, tts42572 said:


To me, this album kind of has a rushed feel to it or something and mostly sort of just feels like lesser versions of stuff they've done before.

They're still a fantastic band.  I just feel like this band should be capable of better.  They have a phenomenal vocalist and we know they can kill it musically.  It really just comes down to the songs.  And the songs here aren't grabbing me very much.  

I think Ride Along is probably my favorite song here if I had to pick one.  This Is Love is okay, Don't Be A Stanger is an alright ballad.  I don't mind Resist The Urge and For You....but that's about it for me.  And honestly, I'm not sure any of these songs will make it to my main favorites playlist.  There's 5 or 6 songs from the last album in that playlist.

I feel like maybe these guys should try working with a producer to bring some fresh ideas....maybe somebody like Jona Tee for example.    

I like the songs, just don't like the mix 

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On 7/5/2023 at 11:28 PM, melodicrock said:

Favourite album this year I think. I just adore these guys.

Well, maybe you should've signed them. 


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It's a very consistent album IMO. Perhaps it doesn't hit the highs of their previous two but I don't think there are any weak songs on here. Pretty easy listen to it all the way through.

I'm guessing the new Vega clears it though.

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