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Khymera - Hold Your Ground


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Yet more good news...pretty consistent band...love The Grand Design and The Greatest Wonder...the last wasn't to shabby either...still Denis Ward me hopes?

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New video for 'Firestarter'.

From Frontiers:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the latest release from Dennis Ward and Khymera, "Hold Your Ground" will be available on February 10, 2023.

Dennis handles lead vocals, bass, and keyboards and is joined by guitarist Michael Klein, keyboardist Eric Ragno, and drummer MIchael Kolar, with Pete Newdeck contributing backing vocals. As has to be expected with Khymera and Dennis, "Hold Your Ground" is another fine slice of high pedigree melodic rock.

Khymera has in fact built its reputation as one of the best examples of what great European melodic rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship, and songwriting that reminds fans of the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, and Signal were releasing their classic albums. While it started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician Daniele Liverani and then Kansas singer Steve Walsh, Khymera developed into a regular musical project when bassist and producer Dennis Ward (Magnum, Pink Cream 69) entered the fold. While known as a bassist, Dennis always sang background vocals with his bands, so he was more than ready and willing to take over the lead vocals for Khymera when the opportunity presented itself.
After releasing the albums "A New Promise" (2005) and "The Greatest Wonder" (2008), Dennis took a break from Khymera for some time before returning with "The Grand Design" (2015). He then returned with another new Khymera album five years later, “Master of Illusions” (2020). Musically, "Master Of Illusions" followed the logical progression of the musical path that was started when Dennis joined the project and was a strong, extremely melodic release, showcasing the fantastic vocal abilities of Dennis and skills as a songwriter and producer.

Mercifully, the wait between albums is a bit shorter this time as 2023 will see the release of Dennis and Khymera's next chapter, "Hold Your Ground", an absolute tour de force of glorious melodic rock.

1. Don't Wait For Love
2. Firestarter
3. Hear Me Calling
4. Sail On Forever
5. Our Love Is Killing Me
6. Hear What I'm Saying
7. Believe In What You Want   
8. On The Edge
9. Could Have Been Us
10. Runaway  
11. Am I Dreaming

Dennis Ward - Lead Vocals, Bass, Keys
Michael Klein - Guitars
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
Michael Kolar - Drums
Pete Newdeck - Backing Vocals



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Very nice...Move out of the way ADV, Dennis is back ;).....very solid band with The Greatest Wonder especially being absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to this one a lot

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