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Palace - Retrospection The Covers EP


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That is a seriously good cover. Palace and Kyrie is like PB and Jam. Just meant to be. 

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New video for 'Kyrie'.

From Frontiers:

Om the heels of the release of a well-received fourth album, "One 4 The Road", Palace has announced the release of a special covers EP, "Retrospection" on December 9th. This special EP sees Palace mastermind Mike Palace covering songs by Mr. Mister, Night Ranger, Easy Action, and Aviator. See below for the tracklisting.

Fans of Palace’s previous releases, “Master Of The Universe”, “Binary Music”, "Rock 'N Roll Radio", and "One 4 The Road", will surely get a kick out of hearing Michael's take on these classic '80s numbers. 
Palace, the brainchild of Swedish vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace, returned with a fourth album, "One 4 The Road", this past July. Once again, Michael Palace handled all the instrumentation, songwriting, and production for the effort, which showcased his love for the imagery and sounds of the glorious ‘80s. "One 4 The Road" was an unabashedly massive AOR/Melodic Rock album, as has come to be expected from this gifted Swede's output under the Palace moniker. 
Michael Palace first began collaborating with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitarist for First Signal, which of course features legendary Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess, Cry of Dawn featuring Goran Edman, Kryptonite featuring The Poodles vocalist Jakob Samuel, and Pride Of Lions vocalist Toby Hitchcock. Those successful (and musically delightful) collaborations led to a deal with Frontiers where Michael could deliver songs in his own vision without other musicians in mind under the name Palace. 
Michael Palace has honed his skills as a musician, songwriter, and studio whiz with several different acts over the yearas, including, but not limited to KENT HILLI (Perfect Plan), FANS OF THE DARK, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET, HOUSTON, FIND ME (featuring Robbie LaBlanc), FIRST SIGNAL (featuring Harry Hess), MILJENKO MATIJEVIC, ADRENALINE RUSH, and more.
"Retrospection" EP Tracklist: 
1. Kyrie (Mr. Mister cover) 
2. Code to Your Heart (Easy Action cover) 
3. Can't Stop (Aviator cover) 
4. Sister Christian (Night Ranger cover) 
Line-up: Michael Palace – All Instruments, Songwriting, & Production



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Jeez the 'Code to your heart' and 'Can't stop' ones are monsters. Other two are both nice enough. I thought and hoped 'Code to your heart' may be the Bai Bang one, but this seems just as nice. 

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On 11/11/2022 at 12:30 AM, Mr.AOR said:





Way better than the Issa cover but that's not saying much. I wish they'd cover some other songs from this album though.

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