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Kiss Of The Gypsy - Thirty EP


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Press release:

‘Forever Loved’ is the first Video Promo from UK Rock band KISS OF THE GYPSY in support of the release of their 30th anniversary EP ‘THIRTY’

The song features 4 original KISS OF THE GYPSY band mates - George Williams, Scott Elliott, Daz Rice & Martin Talbot.

The exciting addition of Chris Clancy on lead vocals, marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for the band.ban

‘Forever Loved’ is a celebration of the history of KISS OF THE GYPSY but more importantly it sets the scene for the future of the band, as we move away from the nostalgia of the past and look forward to an exciting era of new music and Live performance.



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  • Stefan changed the title to Kiss Of The Gypsy - Thirty EP

Another 2 bands with same name? 4 members vs the singer? Horrible.

Mitchell released his own Kiss Of The Gypsy album this year:

Kiss of the Gypsy - Unfinished Business CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

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Yeah strange because I was led to believe that the 5 of em all actually remained friends? They must have just decided to release two separate things...they even posted a review of Mitchells over on their facebook page...this one doesnt really sound like KoG...Mitchells is closer in sound/style...plus he was the voice I suppose.

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