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Loud Solution - Throwback


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From Lions Pride Music:

Loud Solution - Throwback CD | Released 2 December 2022 on Lions Pride Music. 

From the heart of the city of Santiago in Chile, Loud Solution is a melodic rock band that rescues the best of the 80's hard rock. The origin of the band dates back to the early 2010’s, founded by the guitarist Ignacio Ruiz in the aim to keep and evolve the classic 80's sound with a modern touch. Loud Solution went through various line-up changes, but it was not formalized until the arrival of the COVID pandemic in 2020 when Ignacio left his prior sleaze rock band “Nazty Gunz” to record and produce the first official Loud Solution home-made demo called "Revival", it was made entirely by himself. This led to new members joining the band until the current line-up and the signing with the Danish label Lions Pride Music releasing their debut album “Throwback”.

Loud Solution is:
Boris Cid (a.k.a. Boris Seeder): Lead Vocals & Bass
Ignacio Ruiz (a.k.a. Nixx Crimson): Guitars & Backing Vocals
Cristóbal Morales (a.k.a. Chris): Guitars
Claudio Morales (a.k.a. Sir Vincent): Drums & Backing Vocals

CD Tracklist:
01. These Times
02. Face To Face
03. Amid My Heart
04. Not Provided
05. Love & Faith
06. City Of Pride
07. Time To Say Goodbye
08. Throwback
09. Past Dark Nights
10. Don't Come Back



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Not a perfect album, but this is pretty cool. Nice retro vibe and a few keeper tracks like 'Not provided' and 'Don't Come Back.' A few almosts too, like the ballad 'Amid My Heart', which could be really nice with a bit more thought and polish.  

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