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Best Cover Art of 2022

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Instead of another post about best releases I'm gonna post pictures of what I think are the best album artwork of the year. 

80s aesthetic:

Starting with what I consider the best album art of the year. It clearly wears its heart on its sleeve (pun intended) and shows what sound the band is trying for.


Next a similar aesthetic but more "proggy"


The amusing Mother Rockers show their 80s homage and humour on their album art, down to an unnecessary advisory label.


Going retro but from a modern viewpoint, showing age and decay but still cool with my runner-up best album art:


Similar art to Talas but on a whole grander scale, this painting has so much detail, whole mirroring the album theme, there is a lot to explore in the artwork. Really can't be viewed properly on a thumbnail, it is desinged for an LP.


And this is just a work of intricate art, period:


Science-fiction aesthetic:

My third favourite album art could be a movie poster. It perfectly builds on the story of the concept album from Coheed and Cambria.


Another that can't be viewed from a thumbnail is MSG and his spaceship.


Like Talas, this art shows decay but from a classic rock viewpoint including the "worn" record edges look.


Good logos can be incorporated in striking ways. My favourites this year are these:



Even if you didn't like the music, this album cover is classic Journey and no fans of the band wouldn't like the art use of the logo.

A couple of female fronted bands, Dorothy and Halestorm both used their singers in really great photographic art that stands out.

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Mascots featured in great ways on several classic band releases, the best being:


One band, Gathering of Kings always does art in a colour themed way, which I love.


Shinedown, Kissin Dynamite and Dan Reed Network used simple art to striking effect.


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Posted (edited)

A couple more arty works I really love came from new bands.


Lastly, this is how you do a simple band member photo for an album cover


And this (worst cover of the year) is not how you do it:




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  • My Little Pony
20 hours ago, Stefan said:






On 10/1/2022 at 3:50 PM, Doggy said:

As I don't know to cut n' paste.

I will say Circle of Friends - The Garden.

As the best of the year, right? I mean, obviously. 

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