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Once more into the breach... the 2022 Heavy Harmonies Donation Drive!

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Welcome to the COVID-free HH donation drive! (well, unless you live in Australia).

Time again to twist everyone's arm to chip in to cover Heavy Harmonies' expenses. Costs for the site run roughly US$195 a month, about the same as last several years. Unlike the cost of consumer goods, which have gone insane, electronic services have continue to remain fairly stable.

So when I say "costs", what do I mean? It's the out-of-pocket expenses to keep Heavy Harmonies running: server lease, bandwidth, hosting support, and the subscription for this forum software.

The 2021 drive did ok, reaching 82% of goal of covering the annual costs. Let's see if we can meet, or better yet, beat that goal!

The donation drive will run through Halloween, October 31.


Anyone who makes a single donation of $20 or more and has a board username will be added to the group "2022 Donors". This gets you the following benefits:

  • A nice shiny icon in your profile showing that you are an HH Donor for 2022: 998666789_2022Donor_0.png.429cc83660340b
  • An increase in the size of your PM storage from 200 to 500 messages
  • An increase in image attachment/upload storage from 20MB to 50MB
  • Exempt from the search flood control (normally if you try and do a search more than every 10 seconds, you get an annoying little "please wait" message)
  • No time limit on editing your own posts! This will especially be useful for those with trade/sale lists as you'll be able to edit them rather than posting revised versions.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are helping support Heavy Harmonies!

If you donate $50 during the drive, either as a single donation or across multiple donations, you will be added to the group "2021 Gold Donors". This gets you the following in addition to the above:

  • A bigger, shiny badge: 2022_1.png.3a8fadd73617a0a78fb096b8909a6
  • All your posts will be highlighted, because if you show this much dedication to HH, what you have to say is obviously more more important! (just kidding, but your posts will be accentuated).
  • The ability to create a forum "signature" that will be added to all of your posts.

In your donation, please put your board username in the notes section! Otherwise I have no way to tie your donation to your membership here on the board.

If you are currently in the 2021 donor groups but don't wish to donate this year (or can't), at the end of the donation drive, your group membership features will revert to the regular non-donator membership group.

Membership in the 2022 Donors group will last until the end of next year's donation drive, at which point you can donate again to remain in the Donors group with the same benefits, or revert back to your current member group.

PayPal donation buttons are found at the top of all the pages on the main site and here on the forum on the right side at the top, or if you'd prefer to send a money order, check, or cash (not recommended, but I know some people prefer to do so), you can make payable to Dan Harding and send to:

Heavy Harmonies
P.O. Box 17158
Urbana, IL 61803

If you can't give $20, give $10... if you can't give $10, give $5... it's just once a year.

(And if you happen to be fortunate enough to be earning gobs of money, please feel free to give bunches! I'm not about to start an OnlyFans... and no feet pics!)

As always, your support is greatly appreciated! :git::banger:


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  • 2022 Gold Donors

Done mate and once again a big THANK YOU to you and the moderators ("Dan and the Moderators" isn't a bad band name BTW).

You've hit the 100% mark once since I've been here. I hope you do it again this year.

Special thanks to Whiplash for keeping the main site database up to date. I just noticed the "Minus One" post. Nice one. Cheers.



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  • 2022 HH Donation Drive

    Please support Heavy Harmonies! The donations goal is the out-of-pocket expenses to run the main site and this board for calendar year 2022.

    30% of donation goal reached.
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    • 01 – Kill The Beautiful 02 – Stone Cold 03 – Eternity 04 – Shattered Mirror 05 – Love Takes 06 – Silver Tongued Devil 07 – Blindman 08 – The Curse Of The Werewolf 09 – Burning Flame 10 – These Words You Speak 11 – Frontline 12 – Shine On Jim Crean – vocals Steph Honde – guitars, bass Vinny Appice – drums, percussion SCREAM TAKER is a brand new outfit consisting of veteran frontman Jim Crean (Appice Bros. Drum Wars), guitarist Steph Honde (Paul Di’Anno, Hollywood Monsters), and legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath). The three musicians have created a classic hard rock album in the vein of Dio, which is no surprise as Vinny is one of the original Dio members. The trio debut CD ”Kill The Beautiful” unleashes 11 original songs of classic hard with melody where the Dio influence is heard, but musically I found more similarity with Last In Line – the other Vinny band featuring Vivian Campbell. The band recorded the album during the pandemic and post Jim Crean’s short lived tenure with former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent. Crean was to perform with Vincent in his comeback performance alongside Carmine Appice (Ozzy Osbourne, Vanilla Fudge, Appice Brothers) and Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder), which unfortunately never materialized. So instead, we get an amazing album from Scream Taker, a classic hard rock album with an ’80s but also ’70s touches. Take as example “Stone Cold”. Its dark riffs takes you back to Black Sabbath’s primal sound, with lyrics taking on a mystical, epic adventure. The concept is about the King of the Vampires searching for his queen. Once the King has chosen his bride, he must bite her and she becomes his queen, to forever serve the master and oversee the undead. The husband of the queen relentlessly tries to rescue her to no avail. The hero falls and is brought down by the undead, and is left to roam for eternity. Other highlights include the title track, ‘Shattered Mirror’, ‘Blindman’, ‘Burning Flame’, all more melodic, at places bringing to mind classic Alice Cooper and Hollywood Monsters as well, then closer ‘Shine On’ is another doomy, sinister sabbath-esque number. Jim Crean gives a very solid vocal performance matched by Honde’s classic guitar riffs and Vinny Appice’s signature drumming. A well produced and executed record with a lot of things to enjoy. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Scream Taker | Facebook Scream Taker - "Kill The Beautiful" CD – Merchbucket.com  
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