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Mitchell's Kiss of the Gypsy - Unfinished Business (30th Anniversary)


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From MR Records:

KISS OF THE GYPSY 30th Anniversary album release

What started off as possible bonus tracks for Tony Mitchell’s forthcoming solo album, quickly turned into a full blown, long awaited “Kiss of the Gypsy” album.

2022 is the 30th anniversary of the KOTG debut album & Mitchell was to include bonus tracks on his new album that he had written as KOTG to include for a special edition release later this year on MR Records.

All that changed when Mitchell was writing the songs & more ideas started to develop.

“Over the years since we split, I was offered numerous major record deals to record a new KOTG album, but I always refused to do it as I didn’t think it would be right to do it without the rest of the original band members, but I guess now is the time”.

“Even though KOTG was only a small part of my journey, I was & still am very grateful to all the fans that supported us & continue to support my work”.

“As it is the 30th anniversary, I thought the time was now right & I would write a brand new KOTG album rather than just bonus tracks for the solo album & so went head on into prioritizing this”.

“I went back to using my old recording techniques with these outstanding musicians & friends”.

“As I was writing & recording the tracks, they took a life of their own & merited their own album release”.

“The ideas just flew out & I was so happy with the results. They seem to have a modern twist on the KOTG style & there are even a couple of tracks that were written based around old riffs & ideas that I am writing from home in 1992 that I just recently discovered in an old suitcase on cassette tapes”.

“As it stands, this is a kick ass 30th anniversary celebration album as a thank you to all the fans but who knows? If there is an appetite for future Mitchell’s Kiss of the Gypsy albums … let’s see what happens” …

Enjoy the party” …

Tony Mitchell



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  • Stefan changed the title to Mitchell's Kiss of the Gypsy - Unfinished Business (30th Anniversary)

I know some here ain't fans of KOTG but I loved that debut way back when...still gets regular spins...Mitchells last few albums have been pretty good to my ears also...not in the same way though...but I hold out hope for this release with fingers crossed.

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  • My Little Pony

I've come across this many times on the eBays, and I would always check the reviews on the main site. I don't think there has ever been such a divisive album. You either love it, or hate it apparently. Personally, I never did pull the trigger. Maybe I should check out some samples. 

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    • Yes, I'm the new bassplayer :). I have asked Ward Dufraimont to answer your question, as he is better suited to reply: In a nutshell : Expectations were high in 2010 with a debut album out on MelodicRock Records and big dreams, unfortunately the wheels started coming off from the word ‘go’. After losing our permanent drummer and rehearsal space and wasting precious time trying to sort that all out, frustration started to kick in. In an effort to keep moving forward, we recorded a second full length album in 2012, which sits unmixed on a hard-drive somewhere. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we decided to shelve the whole thing before friendships were lost. In 2022, with enough water under the bridge, we are back in full force, with a deluxe reissue of the debut album (out of print for years) to kickstart the whole thing. Playing out as much as we can, opening for the likes of FM, Jelusick, Gun, and others this year, spreading the word. We hope to have a new single out later this year, and more new music next year. A new decade, a new lineup, a fresh start. Nothing’s gonna stop us now !
    • New album out today.  Gave it one listen and seems pretty decent and in line with their last album. Worth checking if you liked their last one.
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