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Lessman/Voss - Rock Is Our Religion


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From Atomic Fire Records:

LESSMANN/VOSS – to release »Rock Is Our Religion« album on July 22nd, 2022;
lyric video for lead single, ‘Smoke Without A Fire’ launched; album available for pre-order!

Vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Claus Lessmann and Michael Voss (ex-CASANOVA, ex-MAD MAX; producer of acts such as Michael Schenker): a combination that makes rock fans sit up immediately. That’s why Atomic Fire Records are even more excited to announce the signing of the duo and the release of their debut album »Rock Is Our Religion« which is due out on July 22nd, 2022. Considering the two’s various collaborations – lately as members of PHANTOM V – spread over several decades, the record is way more than a debut: it’s rather a relevation, a bow down to genuine rock packed in 49 minutes of handmade music performed to the point.

Claus Lessmann comments, “We are very proud and happy to be part of the Atomic Fire Records family, in good company with a lot of great and talented artists and a wonderful and creative team. We had a lot of fun recording and writing these songs and we hope you like them too.”

About the creation of ‘Smoke Without A Fire,’ Michael Voss recalls, “I started to write this song in 1991 on the Maldives and recorded it as a demo for CASANOVA’s »One Night Stand« album. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it on the album, so I re-recorded a draft version again and played it to Claus who really digged it and wrote some superb lyrics and melodies. A real relict and a nearly forgotten jewel from the past transferred into 2022!”

Pre-order the album in the physical format of your choice [CD-jewelcase, coloured vinyl; first edition incl. signed band photo card], pre-save it on your favorite streaming platform or pre-order it digitally to receive ‘Smoke Without A Fire’ instantly now.

»Rock Is Our Religion« – Track Listing:

01. Medicine Man
02. Smoke Without A Fire
03. Runaway Days
04. Fight For Our Love
05. Take My Heart And Run
06. Slow Dance
07. Rock Is Our Religion
08. Something Is Better Than Nothing
09. Look Around
10. Stay
11. Sister Golden Hair [AMERICA Cover]
12. What Feels Right

Vincent Golly | drums (all except ‘Sister Golden Hair’)
Kenny Lessmann | drums (‘Sister Golden Hair’ only)
Martin Huch | Pedal Steel (‘Sister Golden Hair’ only)

Lessmann and Voss complement each other over these 12 tracks as if they hadn’t done anything else before: from mysteriously starting opener ‘Medicine Man’ to lead single ‘Smoke Without A Fire’, the recording of ‘Take My Heart And Run’, circling back to one of their earlier songwriting cooperations in the ’90s, and the duo’s interpretation of AMERICA‘s 1975 hit song ‘Sister Golden Hair’, this album impressively shows that it still doesn’t need many frills to create impactful heavy music nowadays.

Self-produced by LESSMANN/VOSS, the album was also recorded and mixed by Voss at German Kidwood Studios Münstertal and Kidroom Studios Greven, only Vincent Golly‘s drums were tracked by Mathi Brandstetter at Home Studios Hamburg, Germany. Christoph “Doc” Stickel put his mastering touches on it at CS Mastering (Vienna, Austria). The spirit of the record was captured in the form of Pavel Kurbanov‘s artwork




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Always up for a bit Lessman's vocals..if the songs are up to scratch that it  :)

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  • My Little Pony

Why is this not another Phantom V album, though?

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3 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Why is this not another Phantom V album, though?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

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12 minutes ago, lettard said:

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

I assume because they are no longer in Frontiers. Same for Kee Of Hearts/Out Of This World.

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