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Ugly Kid Joe - Rad Wings of Destiny

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UGLY KID JOE will release a new studio album, "Rad Wings Of Destiny", on October 21. The official music video for the first single from the LP, "That Ain't Livin'", can be seen below.

"Rad Wings Of Destiny" sees UGLY KID JOE re-teaming producer Mark Dodson who was behind the desk for the band's debut album, "America's Least Wanted", which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.


"'That Ain't Livin'' is a tip of the hat to old-school AC/DC 'Powerage' rock and roll," comments UGLY KID JOE frontman Whitfield Crane. The track features Shannon Larkin, Dave Fortman, Klaus Eichstadt, Cordell Crockett and Crane, with a guest appearance from YELLOWCAKE guitarist JJ Curran.

UGLY KID JOE will return to Europe this summer for a slew of festival appearances throughout June and July, including Hellfest, Copenhell and Graspop Metal Meeting.

After a 15-year hiatus, UGLY KID JOE reformed in 2012 and has toured extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The band released the EP "Stairway To Hell" in 2012 and the full-length "Uglier Than They Used Ta Be" in 2015.

Two years ago, Crane told Eonmusic about UGLY KID JOE's huge success on the back of single "Everything About You" in 1991: "'Eye of the storm' is a good way to put it, because it just was all happening at a deadly fast gait. And it was a lot — it was beautiful and also very challenging, because there's a lot of people that surround the business of music that are full of shit. But when you're 23 [or] 24, you don't know how to negotiate that, so on one hand, it was super fun and we did all the things you should do at that age, and on the other hand, it was too much for me. But we survived it, and I can deal with it all now."

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  • My Little Pony

They got the album artwork right, at least. 

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Man, what average songs. First one just sounds like a Buckcherry b-side, and their a-sides aren't that good. I prefer the second song but still well below average. 

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Not really sure what these guys are doing these days. I'll be honest and say I expected the album to be a lot worse than it is, but to be clear that is not a glowing endorsement. I don't actually think everything on it is completely dreadful, but the band just sound so subdued. It doesn't sound like the kind of album you'd be pumped to record, as an artist, and accordingly, they don't sound too pumped to be recording it. 

I also liked 'Kill the Pain' and 'Failure' isn't dreadful. Quite a lot of the rest of the album is, but these two songs are okay. 

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