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Hey Canadians

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Are you guys enjoying your first jump into communism? how is it? I'd almost rather see that snide little punk plunge into a mountain side and scream in flames as those flames devour his flesh, that dude he needs to experience some real life, but I was seeing how communist canada was??? now they got your guns, you get the Aussie treatment next round of phony monkey pox

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Trudeau is a fucking useless cunt...instead of dealing with the real problem of illegal guns crossing the border, he goes after legal gun owners because it looks like he is doing something about gun violence....the only good thing about stupid shit like this is that it means no legal gun owner will be voting for the useless twat after this.....also the Conservative party will most likely reverse most of his stupid policies assuming they pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and start looking like the common sense party that they used to be....

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Yuuup. The infuriating thing is all the money being wasted on this. Conservatives got rid of the long gun registry. Then the Liberals blacklisted a shit-tonne of rifles, seemingly arbitrarily. And now that fuck is trying to outlaw handguns. And if the Conservatives get back in they'll likely try to reverse this, which I'd agree with, but it's all such a waste of our money. I hate them all. 

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