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Jane Gould - Forget-Me-Not

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Listened to this yesterday and loved it, but with people like Steve Newman,Michael Palace,Soren Kronquist,Stephen Chesney, and moe involved what's not to like.


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Good stuff.

Released by AorBlvdRecords as Forget-Me-Not feat. Jane Gould.

Jane Gould (Iconic Eye) - vocals 
Stephen Chesney - guitar
Steve Newman - bass, keys, guitars - See also: ex-Acacia Avenue, ex-Newman
Rob McEwen - drums

+ Steve Newman, Dave Bartlett - backing vocals


01. Fire in Wonderland
02. Darkness into Dawn
03. Dangerous
04. For Both of Us
05. Moving Mountains with My Mind
06. Shoot for the Heart
07. Maybe I Believe
08. I Pretend
09. Time to Let Go
10. Forget Me Not
11. Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry
12. Don't Be Afraid of Your Dreams














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With Steve Newman at the helm, you know this is going to be well produced and solid throughout, which it is

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    • Sounds good. Side project of Vanden Plas. From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of All My Shadows, a quintet founded in 2020 by Vanden Plas members Stephan Lill (guitarist) and Andy Kuntz (vocals). Their debut album, "Eerie Monsters" will be released on February 17, 2023. Stephan Lill is the guitarist and musical backbone of the internationally known progressive metal band Vanden Plas. From the very beginning, he has been a huge influence on the sound and musical development of the band with his songwriting. Outside of Vanden Plas, Lill has also left his mark with his involvement in the rock operas/theater productions "Ludus Danielis," "Christ 0," "The Chronicles of the Immortals," "Everyman," and "Last Paradise Lost". Andy Kuntz is the charismatic and talented singer of Vanden Plas. With his distinctive voice, he moves effortlessly through all levels of vocal register and has established himself internationally as not only a rock/metal singer, but also as a lead in multiple rock musicals and operas. As the main lyricist and writer of the vocal melodies for Vanden Plas, he is the other musical mainstay and partner in crime with Lill in not only the band, but the aforementioned rock operas.    "The idea of recording and releasing some rock songs is something I've been thinking about for a while. While composing, I kept coming up with songs that have the spirit of the '80s. As a big fan of bands from that era, like Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, and the like, I still have a huge love for music from that time. The goal was to transport that classic music into the here and now. Hard rock with a powerful production, peppered with modern musical elements," says Lill. The original idea for All My Shadows was to have different vocalists appear on the album. Lill brought in his musical partner Kuntz to write the lyrics for the songs. "We know each other inside and out, have been working together for a very long time and very well, and are a perfectly attuned team," he says. But once Kuntz was on board to write the lyrics and had demoed the first four songs with Lill, it was immediately clear to both musicians that Kuntz was the man for the job. "Why look far and away for several good singers, if the perfect singer is already there?" Lill muses.   While Lill and Kuntz continued to work on more songs, the aforementioned demos found their way to Frontiers Music Srl, Vanden Plas' current record label. Frontiers were also immediately enthusiastic about those demos and immediately and enthusiastically asked the band if they could be involved with releasing the music. With the songs coming along nicely, the creative juices flowing, and a label home in place, Lill and Kuntz knew that a completely new entity had to be created, which would give the whole thing its own vibe and aura. When Kuntz came up with the name ALL MY SHADOWS, the both knew that "the band name perfectly reflects the dark colorful aura of the lyrics."   Keyboardist Markus Teske, who is also the owner of Bazement Studios and has been turning the knobs on the mixing desk for all of Vanden Plas' albums since 2002, was brought on board first. Beside being a superb engineer, he is a virtuoso at his instrument too. Then followed Franky R., a bassist who has played with renowned guitarist Michael Schenker, among others. And to keep it in the family, Stephan's brother Andreas Lill, also of Vanden Plas and who has a tremendous reputation for his musical experience and skill set, was brought in on drums to complete the line-up. Lill and Kuntz unanimously answer with a clear "No!" whether the participation of the Vanden Plas musicians will bring All My Shadows too close sonically to Vanden Plas. Both musically and lyrically, the differences are too great, too tangible, too obvious."Vanden Plas stands very much for progressive metal in all its variations, while All My Shadows stands very much for melodic hard rock. Musical points of contact are there, overlaps are not. All My Shadows have all the characteristics to have their own identity," says Lill.   Tracklisting:1. Silent Waters2. A Boy Without A Name3. Syrens4. Lifeforms5. Wolverinized6. The Phantoms Of The Dawn7. Farewell8. Devil's Ride9. All My Eerie MonstersLine-Up:Stephan Lill - GuitarsAndy Kuntz - VocalsMarkus Teske - KeyboardsFranky R. - BassAndreas Lill - Drums      
    • Who sings this one, mate? There's an awesome band called Poison that sing a song called 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn.' Check that one out to see if you like it. Absolute hilarity.  Anyway, I don't know what my answer to this thread would be. It would be more directed to non-rock songs I am subjected to unwillingly.  Picking popular rock songs that are a bit of a drag to hear, I'd probably go with something from Bon Jovi, like 'Wanted Dead Or Alive.' I never liked that song, so every time I hear it it reminds me that I never liked it. 'Livin' on a prayer' wouldn't be far off, but the problem is I do like the song. Just a tad over-saturated in consumption, though. 
    • No disrespect to Mr.AOR, or this thread with the title on this one. It's just a great track that fits the brief.     
    • every rose has it's thorns.   I didn't add quotation marks or capital letters, such is my distain for this abomination.
    • much prefer 1989 by Nestor  
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