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Art Nation - Inception


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On 5/13/2023 at 2:16 AM, Tabe said:

I think I like that one more than the previous singles.

Much better than the others. More like the first 2 albums.

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lack of comments surprises me.

Very good album imo. I was surprised. Yeah there's a few power metally type stuff but it's the right side for me.

Plus there are some melodic gems like Break Up, Superman & Somewhere I Know I Belong 

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Gave this a listen and I just struggle too much with Strandell's voice these days.  I don't know exactly why, but he just annoys me.

Excellent music and some good songs....Just wish it was a different singer.

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    • Good new EP which raised it's head a little above the pack, for me. Worth checking out. 1    .    Fallout 2    .    Enough 3    .    Another Way 4    .    Gone or Staying 5    .    Numb 6    .    It's Over This was my favourite tune off the EP;   And this appears to be the single;  
    • I actually heard these three new albums for interest's sake... and I don't get it. Why now, with this vocalist? Of all their eras.  Musically it all sounds cool and I don't hate the concept of re-recording some of the real older stuff. I actually would have* liked a re-recording of 'Don't touch the light.'  *would have liked to hear it with the last vocalist they had. I liked that guy. Alexx Stahl, it was. Why didn't they do all this when he was still in the band? I don't like this new guy at all, and the reworks of 'Fireworks' and 'Point Blank' are so pointless, and you'd even argue disrespectful, putting that voice on these amazing and perfectly originally recorded tunes.  Like I said, imo, 'Don't touch the light' sounds really dated and I wouldn't have hated the re-recording, with Alexx Stahl on vocals. But not this new guy... 
    • I acknowledge that I'm getting arguably a bit too harsh these days, and maybe it's a consequence of trying to finalise my yearly playlists, from the start. I'm currently going through 1991. Either way, when I hear this I'm just bored. It's all half decently constructed hard rock, but I don't get any thrill from it. As by-the-numbers as it gets, imo. I don't hate it, but there's nothing on here I need to hear again, sadly. 
    • Pretty decent album, but I thought this song was very cool. Love the lyrics.  Certified Depressant (2023) 1    .    Sticking Around 2    .    Certified Depressant 3    .    I Think I'm in Love 4    .    Good Enough 5    .    Famous Last Words 6    .    Psycho 7    .    Coma 8    .    Everything Sucks
    • Very good. Love that. That's well and truly back to their roots. Would love to hear similar bands that turned into synth pop bands return to what made them them, like this. Some of the synth pop stuff was quite good, but this is why I got into these bands. Diggit. 
    • Great tune, though that's not unexpected from these guys. 
    • Yeah, that's nice. Just a single, not part of an album? Vocals sound a little strained in the chorus, but cool song.  Seems like an insane amount of female fronted hard rock / metal around at the moment. 
    • It took some time to get into this song, but now I kind of like it. Very nice riff and an ok chorus, IMO.
    • Yeah, I've never been a fan either, even though for whatever reason I constantly try their albums. Completely missed this one, but I'll try it out again. Front cover suggests something more "retro?" Couple of songs sound kind of okay, but not sure I'll be sold, again. 
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