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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums - Von Groove - Von Groove (1992)

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Metal Edge magazine was on these guys nuts back in the day and so it was an immediate cassette pick-up for me when it was released. I will never understand why this killer record wasn't pushed by the label. I know it was the glam/sleaze kill year of 1992 but this would've sold more records with proper support.

Anyway, if you never got it, do so immediately. Really a sensational album.

Some of my favorites:







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Just reminiscing with their stuff and thinking that you'd be hard pressed to find a better Drummer/Lead Vocalist than Michael Shotton.

Maybe Don Henley, but he shared Vocal duties and of course, Phil Collins would be in the mix, but he rarely combined the two.

Regardless, it's an incredible skill.

I'll also post one of my favourite "Von Groove" tracks, that was actually the first song I heard by them when I blindly bought the album.

Alpha was way ahead of me when it came to these guys.



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You hit the nail on the head Russ when you said Sensational :drink:

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Good solid,Canadian hard rock release...my guess is Chrysalis' dropped the ball w/ these guys just like they did when they failed to properly promote bands like : Child's Play',Trouble Tribe' etc...I think Billy Iol and Slaughter were probably their priority at that time.

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