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Tom MacDonald new solo tune


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7 minutes ago, AlphaMale said:

I do think it shows how diverse Tom is. He could probably pull off a country album, a rock album or rap. 

but would you top yourself if u listened to it 😉🤔

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... plus that metal element to it too, lol. Of course I jest, but can't help but notice a few guitars in recent tracks.

Could there be a rap/rock album on the cards soon?  

One thing that did heavily irritate me about this one was that is censored. Why this why now? I don't think any of his other ones are? 

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  • My Little Pony
2 hours ago, auslander said:

People don't actually like this surely? Is it just because he is right wing? 

I haven't listened to any of his songs since "facts don't care about feelings," but yes, that is the only reason people listen to this guy. 

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Haha, far be it from me to defend a rapper, but the last few posts are like a manuscript of what I believe is his biggest concern. I find the dude interesting and actually subscribe to his youtube channel. Doesn't post much these days, but I've found what he's said in the past quite interesting and insightful. He mentioned how he releases double albums full of all sorts of songs about all sorts of subjects, but the political ones are always by far his most noticed tunes, so many just assume that's all he is. I guess a bit like people who made their minds up on Mr Big based on 'To be with you' or Extreme on 'More than words.' 

I've heard his albums and it's all pretty decent if this is your thing, which it isn't mine... but not every single one of this songs is like this, in terms of subject matter.  

That said, there's a reason we're all on this forum and not a rap forum and you could certainly argue that subject matter aside, rap songs do seem to have a wild habit of sounding all very similar. 

But, to each their own. I like the dude and I like the words he says and if he has to keep making a similar point in order to get it across, I don't mind. As for being a right winger, doesn't the song pretty clearly suggest that each side of politics is essentially the same and as bad as each other? 

To me, he just sounds like a logical, straight thinker... no need to plant a label on it. ;)


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Some of his songs/raps/whatever about his struggles with drug addiction and depression are very inisghtful. It's not just the political tracks... his ability to turn a phrase (or "spit bars" as the urban youth term it) is up there.

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