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Nordic Union - Animalistic

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2nd album was pretty weak compared to the debut, see how this one goes ūü§Ē

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Yeah liked the debut,the 2nd had some moments so i'll give this one a go also  :)

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Agreed with both of you. First disc was killer, second disc a lot of filler.

Hopefully they write better tunes on this one.

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Ronnie is pumping out a lot of stuff lately. Sad to see what he's going through.

I hope this one is stronger than the last one. It was ok, but not near the debut. I think Erik is spreading himself a little too thin with all these side projects. I haven't really even been too excited for the last few Eclipse albums. The songs are sounding too much alike.

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The War Has Begun / My Fear And My Faith

Hypocrisy / Because Of Us

Wide Awake / It Burns

Every Heartbeat / Walk Me Through The Fire

When Death Is Calling / New Life Begins

21 Guns / The Final War

Falling / Breathtaking

The Other Side / Rock's Still Rolling

Point Of No Return / Die Together

True Love Awaits You / The Best Thing I Never Had

Go / Outrun You

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Yeah, I don't know if I'm really that excited about this.

I dig listen to the debut quite a bit but the second album didn't get much play from me at all.  And I don't really find myself having a whole lot of desire to listen to either now.  I've got a few songs in my main playlist that come up once in awhile and that's about it.

I think I've just had a lot of saturation the past 4-5 years on Pretty Maids, Ronnie's Solo stuff, Eclipse, WET, etc. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll still check it out and I'm sure it'll have some good tunes.  And it's great that Ronnie is making more music.  But I'm not really expecting to be that taken by it.

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My usual reaction when I see news of an Erik Martensson project album is "dang, wish it was a new Eclipse album instead".  Same reaction this time :)  I'm still looking forward to it though.

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