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MADHOUSE - Down N' Dirty" (2022)


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Mädhouse to release third studio album 'Down 'N' Dirty' on July 29th - Sleaze Roxx

Mädhouse to release third studio album ‘Down ‘N’ Dirty’ on July 29th

Posted on April 15, 2022 by Olivier

Mädhouse to release third studio album ‘Down ‘N’ Dirty’ on July 29th

Screen-Shot-2022-04-15-at-9.28.59-AM-e16Austrian sleaze rockers Mädhouse consisting of frontman Tommy Lovelace, guitarists Mikky Stixx and Thommy Black, bassist Rickey Dee and drummer Casey J. Eiszenman will be releasing their third studio album Down ‘N’ Dirty via record label ROAR! Rock of Angel Records on July 29, 2022. Mädhouse previously released the albums Money Talks Bullshit Walks (2019) and Bad Habits (2021).

states the following about Mädhouse:

“Ain’t no crazy like Mädhouse! Their debut album “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks” is straight outta glam. Mädhouse‘s smokin’ hot shredding will remind you why hair metal still reigns supreme among rock genres. A gritty group of misfits from Vienna, Austria, Mädhouse  pumps out the real deal every. single. time. When 18 random rockers got together at the end of 2017 to put on a show called “Hard N’ Heavy” just for kicks, nobody thought a new band would be born. That gig ended up being such a blast that eight of them decided to keep jamming together. A few weeks later, they wrote their first song— appropriately “Hard N’ Heavy” —inspired by the epic night that brought them together. At that point they didn’t have a masterplan, or even a name for themselves, but they knew without a doubt they had all the parts to make a great RnR band. More importantly, they had that spark and just enough crazy among them to know it was legit. It took a few more months with some growing pains along the way to get it together and solidify a band of five. They may not have set out to become Mädhouse, but here we are. Whether it was hair metal destiny or some other twist of glam fate is hard to say. What is clear is that for them; it’s about the music and their shared love of cranking out original, quality, ass-kicking rock.”

Mädhouse‘s Down ‘N’ Dirty official album teaser:

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Wow, they're churning them out quick. Cool. Probably the best band of their style at the moment, I'd dare say. Looking forward to it. 

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Relentlessly consistent band. Three home runs now. I enjoy this every bit as much as the others. 

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7 hours ago, Geoff said:

Relentlessly consistent band. Three home runs now. I enjoy this every bit as much as the others. 

They are really on a solid roll.

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    • Pretty decent... not mad about it. 
    • Nice. I like it a lot. And yeah, very good quality for a demo. 
    • Didn't know what to make of that one so I actually checked out another song from them-   So they are a rock band... just not really sure what to make of them. Sounds a bit thin, and dare I actually say it, but can something be over-produced? Not sure if that's just me listening on a laptop, though. But I'm moderately intrigued. 
    • Wow, hook line and sinker with the first song alone. Magnificent. Will check out asap. 
    • Some more tunes from the new album:                    
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