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Devil's Cut - Barbed Wire Bouquet


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Seems so silly to me putting this band in "other styles of music" on a rock / metal forum, when these guys are as rock / metal as any band on any of these pages, but I'll play the game as intended. No one will listen to them because it's in this sub-forum, but all I can do is put it here and for those sensible enough to check them out, I hope a couple of dudes get something out of this. 

Sadly, they're only a few EPs into things, but I love this band. So good. A couple of the tracks from the EP (first one even has a guitar solo, for the purists)-



EP has these three songs-

1    .    Should've Known Better
2    .    Talk About It
3    .    Lost In My Head (Stripped)

And some of their older, sightlier heavier stuff-






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Sound like Bring Me The Horizon - Lite. I can dig BMTH but this doesn't have that "edginess" for me, sorry Geoff. It's just a bit too "clean". I don't know if that makes sense. This is what I'm talking about:



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Yep, fair enough, mate. Funnily enough, I'm actually the opposite. For me, absolutely every band and their dog sound like BMTH, which is cool. I'm a big fan of BMTH, but it's a very popular sound / style. 

This Devil's Cut stuff, especially from the new EP, is far more like the stuff we'd listen to on this site, but still with that modern edge and flawless modern production. For me, something like 'Talk about it' is near perfection and something a bit different in the world of modern rock as it is today. 

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