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Fatal Vision: Once (Time Keeps Slipping Away)

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Hi everyone,

Some of you may have seen Andrew McNeice's social media posts about our lead single from our debut album hitting today: it's a power ballad I wrote back in 1989 called "Time Keeps Slipping Away."

Our whole album is an unabashedly late 80s style AOR/MHR release, and I've managed to entice everyone from Paul Laine, JSS, Marc LaFrance, ADV and Lenny Castro to jump onboard either on backing vocals or additional instrumentation, and have also had the honour of adding Derry Grehan, Harry Hess and Ron Nevison on album #2. We recently signed to Pride & Joy Music.

All mixed and mastered by the superstar JK Northrup.

The full album is out our July 22, and we have two more singles and videos to come which are harder rockers between now and then.

The single has charted in Canada today, getting to #21 on the Apple rock chart, and I'd be honoured if you would give it a download, spin or view on any of the links below... I hope you enjoy it, I wrote it purposely based on what I'd want to hear, which I think lines up with many of you as well!





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    • Am wondering if has anything to do with Tigertailz having to cancel their show on 20th May at Bully on Rocks in France because both Rob and Berty had covid and were unable to travel, but Rob appeared with Midnite Dynamite a few days later. I know restrictions on travel within UK are different and he may have been clear by then anyway, but I am sure this may have caused friction.
    • PUBLISHED MAY 22, 2022     WAR BABIES digitally remastered by Bad Reputation Records, one of the label’s first releases under this new name, previously known as Axe Killer. Released in 1992, “War Babies” appeared too late into the melodic hard rock scene when the musical climate was already changing in favor to the depressive grunge, and the group disband next year. Ironically, WAR BABIES hailed from from Seattle. But it doesn’t matter their headquarters, WAR BABIES delivered here a killer melodic hard rock record driven by crunchy guitars and class vocals courtesy of former TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel. There’s 2 songs co-written with KISS’ Paul Stanley, and the production of Thom Panunzio (Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple) is huge. A monstrous album ala Hardline, Wildside, Roxy Blue, etc. The Bad Reputation remastering job is excellent, adding 3 bonus tracks. HIGHLY Recommended 01 – Hang Me Up 02 – In The Wind 03 – Cry Yourself To Sleep 04 – Sweetwater 05 – Sea Of Madness 06 – Blue Tomorrow 07 – Satellite 08 – Death Valley Of Love 09 – Big Big Sun 10 – Killing Time 11 – Care (Man I Just Don’t) 12 – Hang Me Up (Edit Version) [bonus track] 13 – Cry Yourself To Sleep (Single Version) [bonus track] 14 – Cry Yourself To Sleep (Guitar Version) [bonus track] Brad Sinsel – lead vocals, acoustic guitars Tommy McMullin – guitars, backing vocals Guy Lacey rhythm – guitars, backing vocals Shawn Trotter – bass, backing vocals Richard Stuverud – drums, percussion, backing vocals with: Benmont Tench, Mike “Bubba” Abercrombie – keyboards Mike &Kip Lennon – background vocals Todd Cerney – background vocals (2) Thom Panunzio – percussion, producer   Try here: www.amazon.de/War-Babies-Rem/dp/B00008A8JQ
    • Is that what you meant to say? ;}
    • And my Colorado Rockies are in last place, like usual. At least we had great seats vs KC Royals. And we actually won this game, woo-hoo!
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    • On The Loose - Europe 
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    • Preordered this one,it sounds decent  
    • Welcome. I am a long time Heavy Harmonies follower, and only joined this forum last year. The folks on this forum have forgotten more about hard rock and heavy metal music than I will ever know and I'm an old dude!  They know a ton of stuff. I just try to follow a long..... 
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