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    • wowser, great story. And to see Phil as well. Never saw Lizzy or Lynott solo  
    • Yeah the tracks on California Metal were amazing. Had no idea they recorded more.
    • Packaging is an absolute disgrace and I've posted that on the band's FB. Album is good...
    • Huge MEH from me. THIS is the BEST song you could find to relaunch a brand?
    • Phil Lynott solo show in The Rialto Londonderry 24th June 1982...I was 9...my big sister took me(she was 16)...it was only £4 a ticket...still have the stub...this was a big thing in more ways than one because it was during the troubles  and this was a daily thing and my parents hated us going to the city in case a bombing happened  
    • Wow, missed this thread. Rest In Peace.
    • And another one, also on Roxx Records. Album released this year, with unreleased recordings from 1986/1987. Again, sounds quite nice indeed- https://roxxrecords.com/products/judea-out-of-the-dark-the-lost-sessions-2022-cd Roxx Records is very excited to be bringing you the long lost sessions from Judea. The year was 1988 and Pakaderm Records was one of the hottest labels in Christian rock and metal at the time, and this amazing new band would be invited to record and showcase their talents. Hot on the heels of the very first California Metal compilation, that featured a whose who in Christian metal at the time, the label was ready to release the second installment, California Metal 2! Much like it’s predecessor, California Metal 2 would feature a host of Who’s Who in the Christian rock world at the time. Bands like Mastedon and Recon we’re all on the Christian music charts and featured on this now classic compilation. But also featured on here with two songs was a pretty unknown band at the time named Judea. California Metal 2 featured two of four tracks recorded at Pakaderm, including ‘Knock’ and ‘Heart of Stone’. Most people would easily recognize the artists and songs on this comp, but it was Judea that people would go back and give that second listen and say ‘wow who are these guys?’ and the anticipation for more Judea music would begin! Alas that would never come to be, as the band would record one more song for Pakaderm and ultimately somewhat fade away into obscurity, until now! Roxx Records has worked with the band Judea and we have now fully resurrected all of the bands musical repertoire. We are very excited to be bringing you Judea ‘Out Of The Dark - The Lost Sessions’. This release starts off with four amazing tracks that were recorded during the original Pakaderm sessions. Included in this four track session you’ll hear the two songs that made it on to Cal Metal 2 and two more songs that have never been released. The next song would be one more from a later Pakaderm session the following year, again never released. Then we take you on a musical journey into some older demos and even some newer stuff from these classic hard rockers. And we end with the original two final cuts from that amazing Pakaderm compilation California Metal 2. Featuring an amazing new album cover design courtesy of Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal. And another stellar remaster from Rob Colwell at Bombworks sound. This one will truly be a collectors item. So get ready as we prepare to give you a history lesson, and embark on another amazing journey into the archives of Christian metal.   TRACK LISTING:   Lost Pakaderm Sessions 1986 Heart Of Stone (Pakaderm session 1986) Knock (Pakaderm session 1986) Turning Away (Pakaderm session 1986) The Wanderer (Pakaderm session 1986) Final Pakaderm Session 1987 Over and Done (Pakaderm B room session 1987) Demo 1985 City of Gold (demo) Wanderer (demo) Demo 1991 Don’t Take Away (California session 1991) Demo 2006 Jaded Lost Demos or New Beginning? Not Forgotten Purple Haze California Metal 2 Tracks Heart of Stone Knock
    • https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/band.cgi?BandNum=10013 Anyone ever heard of these guys? This just popped up completely by randomness on youtube. This song, in particular- https://roxxrecords.com/products/latter-reign-live-for-the-day-roxx-2022-cd-remaster I've never heard of Roxx Records, I don't think, but here's the write up from their site about this album- Latter Reign was originally founded by Ryan Cane & July Cardenas. July in turn would call upon Doug Bear to play drums and the three started jamming at a small church in Ontario, California. As the band began to get their grooves down July reached out to Luis Cardenas to come and try out as lead vocalist for the band. They started practicing in Luis' garage right after that, but it was short lived as Ryan and Doug would leave the band before they ever really got it off the ground. Luis Cardenas and July Cardenas determined to continue as they knew the look and feel of this band had great potential and they would begin spinning their wheels to keep Latter Reign going. In order to take the band to the next level they continued putting those pieces together to truly make this a viable professional rock band. July would next find Brad Smith, while Luis would bring in Glenn Graff. Then lastly Brad would invite Dave Bonavich to play drums and finally all the pieces were together and Latter Reign was rockin’ on all cylinders. Latter Reign would become a very well-known Christian rock band as they started to play gigs all over Southern California. Latter Reign didn’t just play churches though they also went out and played clubs, bars and battle of the bands that were non-Christian events. Their philosophy was that most of the people that attend churches have already heard the word of God but the people at bars, clubs and secular events had not. Knowing this and taking it to heart, Latter Reign would go out and spread God’s word in places that many Christian Rock bands would not dare do to go. Latter Reign were also invited to many of the big Christian rock festivals and concerts in Southern California back at the height of their performing days, playing with bands like Fear Not, Barren Cross, Guardian, Bride, Switchfoot and many more. Latter Reign “Live For the Day” would be the first album that Latter Reign recorded. It sold well and got the band the recognition they needed at the time back in 1991 to keep the band going strong. Up next the band would record one final track with this incarnation of Latter Reign releasing the single ‘Desire’ which would be included on the Heavens Metal Vol1 compilation.  This would be the end of this chapter for Latter Reign, but was it really the end or just the beginning? To memorialize and capture this piece in the bands history Roxx Records will be releasing a Limited Edition CD pressing of the original seven track album ‘Live For The Day’ coupled with two additional bonus tracks being the track ‘Desire’ from the Heavens Metal Comp and an unplugged version of ‘Winds of Change’ Track Listing:  Prisoner Real Love Comin’ Back Winds of Change Don’t Close Your Heart Only Believe Live For The Day Winds of Change (Acoustic) [Bonus Track] Desire (Heavens Metal Comp) [Bonus Track] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, this sounds pretty good to me and I'd like to check it out. Sounds like the second album, 'II' was recorded not long after the above and also sounds like it could be a goer: At the beginning of this year we brought you a very special, long lost release that made its debut to great critical acclaim, and all the reviews were stellar! That artist was Latter Reign and we were very excited to be able to bring you the bands debut album “Live For The Day” remastered and restored with all new artwork and design. Well that release has done so well, it led us to be able to work with Latter Reign once again!   Now we bring you the bands second full length album, aptly titled “II”. “II” is a collection of songs that the band originally wrote and performed back in the day. These songs were just taking shape, and these brand-new songs were played live, but never officially released...until now. Latter Reign shared stages with many bands including Fear Not, Guardian, Tourniquet, Sin Dizzy, Barren Cross, Ransom and Broken Silence playing tracks from their debut release and these tracks you will hear right here from “II”. Many of the tracks were never finished completely alas they rekindled their creative juices to finish recording and releasing them. With the band back together, they managed to touch up, re-record and add to these tracks to get you what you will hear today on what is essentially a brand new album. If you want the whole story, you’ll have to order the new CD, as the whole story is detailed and all in there with this CD package! For now lets take a look at the first single, which is the self-titled track “Latter Reign” from the upcoming “Latter Reign II” album, and for this special video the band unearthed some previously unseen footage. Video: https://youtu.be/6Z4qqjJDX3o This beautiful limited edition CD package was remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) the album cover, layout and design were done by Luke Easter (Tourniquet). This new album is officially arriving with a street date of July 29th, 2022   Track Listing: 1. Latter Reign 2. Desire 3. Dreams 4. Shine Your Light 5. Radio Paradise 6. Rotten Johnny 7. Crazy World 8. Day By Day 9. Hardened Heart 10. Won't Go Down 11. Why 12. Writings On The Wall    
    • Oh wow, what an even bigger mess.  On a side note, was it ever mentioned here that Jailhouse actually released (I'm not sure when it was recorded) a new song a few years ago when their songs were released under 'Straight at the light' on Demon Doll Records. As far as I can tell, apart from this new song, which is the title track, it's the same album that was released in 1998 (?) on DeRock Records. But this new one features this new song- https://ddrmusicgroup.com/products/jaiilhouse-straight-at-the-light  
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