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Joey C Jones is in a coma.

Captain Howdy

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SAD NEWS … Joey C. Jones of Sweet Savage fame is currently in a ‘Coma’ according to family member


http://metalsludge.tv/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Joey_C_Jones_Sweet_Savage_Feb_2022_1.jpgJoey C. Jones

Metal Sludge — Sad news to report, legendary rock frontman Joey C. Jones is currently in a coma.

Jones has been battling cancer for a few years now and has continued the fight.

The following messages were posted on social media by his daughter Jade Jones late last week and this morning.

“I will be taking over my dads phone for the time being. He is not able to call or text anymore and I’m trying my best to keep everyone updated as best as I can. Yesterday was a good day but today he is very sleepy. We are near the end and I am letting him know how loved he is. Thank you so much for loving my daddy” wrote Jones late last week.

Now earlier today, a second update has been shared.

“I’m sure most of you have already heard…. my daddy is in a coma he is home with me where he wanted to be. I was able to ask him Thursday if he wanted to go to a hospital or stay home and he said stay home. He is being cared for by nurses and close friends and family. He is so so loved and I will be with him until the end.”

Jones is best known as the lead singer who fronted the band Sweet Savage in the mid 1980’s.

Sweet Savage guitarist Chris Sheridan has shared a tweet and says he is with his friend now.

“I with Joey 10+ hours/day just making sure he’s calm and comfortable. So sad to see my friend of 45 years like this, but so blessed to be with him for his final encore. Please everyone, just remember all the fun times and smiles he gave to all of us” wrote Sheridan.

Metal Sludge sends our strength to Joey, Jade and the entire Jones family.

http://metalsludge.tv/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Joey_C_Jones_Sweet_Savage_March_14_2022_POST_1.png Facebook – March 11th 2022
http://metalsludge.tv/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Joey_C_Jones_Sweet_Savage_March_14_2022_POST_2.png Facebook – March 14th 2022
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His death blindsided me today, no idea he had cancer!  Summer Song was a permanent addition to my playlists as soon as I heard it, and I will always enjoy all of his music.  RIP Joey!

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