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The Karma Effect

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This might appeal to some here

The links in the email I copied do not work as whoever sent it out did not put WWW in the link https://www.thekarmaeffect.co.uk/



I hope this finds you well.

May I present to you the debut album from the scintillating new classic rock band - THE KARMA EFFECT.

It is released next Friday 18th March and is available for pre-order in various shapes and bundles from their website - TheKarmaEffect.co.uk 

If we sell enough CDs and Downloads we may just make the Official Rock Charts. Fingers crossed.

NB: Vinyl lands a little later due to manufacture/pressing timelines but you can still  place your order now.

Thank you

MERCY - The Karma Effect
Place Your Order Here
Place Your Order Here
Steal Your Heart - The Karma Effect
Place Your Order Here
Here's what some mighty fine connoisseurs have been saying about it...

This is the sort of robust, hooky rock’n’roll that any 70's throwback group ought to aspire to these days; plus it’s got a bit of a rootsy aftertaste that sets it off very nicely. And with frontman Henry Gottelier singing his heart out like a man at his last show, it would take a harder soul than us to not warm to them.
Classic Rock Magazine

 This debut easily stand alongside the best of their peers and for me the album favourites ‘Mercy’, ’Stand’, ‘Testify’ and ‘ Save Me ‘, shout out QUALITY and TALENT

Eight songs that integrate so finely and to have such a seamless result, is something even longstanding bands would struggle to achieve. Highlights  – Doubt She’s Coming Back, Save Me, Steal Your Heart 
MMH Radio

The London quintet are soaked in the free-flowing vibe that was born out of the psychedelic late Sixties and toughened up the following decade, the whisky dipped and loose-limbed swagger here in no uncertain terms.
Metal Planet Music


Place Your Order Here



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