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2012 - Choose your album

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Oh, dear. Awkward. I thought HEAT by a country mile... until, on the last line they (very unexpectedly) snuck in Blessed By A Broken Heart. That's my pick, with 'Forever' being my favourite song - maybe. Take your pick. Monster album. 

HEAT, Eclipse and Trixter all well worth a mention too. 

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Blessed By a Broken Heart for me. Melding metalcore with pop metal and it worked! Deathwish is my favourite track. Awesome chorus on that song. Also, I love the post-apocalyptic album cover.

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these were my thoughts on the BBABH album when it was released and they haven't changed much (just skipped through on Spotify) - I hadn't  played it since 2012 !


1. Deathwish - monstrous rocker, i freakin love this track...only thing keeping this off a 10 is some silly growling vocals. Best opener this year (9.75)

2. Shut Up & Rock - lame lyrics and dreadfully cliched, also some silly growling again, lowers what is otherwise a pretty decent song. Neat musical passage with good solos but a bit gallopy (8.0)

3. Love Nightmare - Ouch, hate the verses...really cant understand a word. chorus is good, but cant help thinking this is only half a song. (6.5)

4. Forever - Clean vocals throughout ( :tumbsup: )..and how much better is that?! great melodic tune with a killer hook (9.0)

5. Holdin Back For Nothin - wow, frantic intro and to be honest the pace doesnt let up..clean vox tho and a pretty cool chorus...this is one I was humming some time after as well so props for that (8.5)

6. Ive Got You - i guess lyrically it is a bit suspect, but I do like this one. the solos/outro are pretty special (8.5)

7. Rockin All Night - very poisonish and utterly dreadful subject matter. I'd be embarrassed to play this to anyone I knew....all decently played but just so cliched. Not for me im afraid, i would skip this every time. (5.0)

8. Scream It Like You Mean It - I do like this one, but the vocals are all a bit high for my taste. Also the solo is a bit annoying and twiddly? decent tune tho and no growling (7.5)

9. Skate Or Die - clearly the 2nd best tune for me. dragged down slightly by some growling but a great song/solo (9.25)

10. Innocent Blood - wow, this song is all over the place..i almost missed the first chorus is was so frantic..well played but just too complex to hold my attention...bordering on prog metal in a way. (5.5)

11. Sleepless Nights - nice tune, but chorus is a bit bland..neat solo but a bit 'wanky'..doesnt really fit the song. outro is pretty cool tho (7.75)




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